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Blackburn Rovers – Arte Et Labore (Part 4 – 16/17 Season)

Welcome back to my latest instalment of my Blackburn Rovers save. When I left you in my previous part we had just finished pre-season, it had gone OK, my main issue was my tactics, as always I couldn’t get it right. We had 1 signing, Right Back Motta and we were haemorrhaging money! This part will take you through the season as a whole, what has happened, tactics, transfers, results, etc, etc.

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Blackburn Rovers – Arte et Labore (Part 3)

Part 3 already hey? And at the end of this post I STILL won’t have started the season! Well pre-season is now over and it’s been pretty mixed, as expected the tactics I tried to implement haven’t gone well and there been a few changes. Hopefully as the domestic season begins the players will get to grips with my ideas more and we can have a decent start.

This post will take you through pre-season, the results, the transfers in and out, a bit about my staff and also a bit about my shambolic tactical setup.

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Blackburn Rovers – Arte et Labore – Part 2 (Meet The Squad)

Welcome back! By now I’m hoping you will have checked out Part One, if not click the link and take a read. It takes you through the club I have decided to manage for my new series and the reasons behind it.

This post will take you a bit deeper into the playing squad I have at my disposal at the start of the game, what I plan to do with each of them and at the end a little bit about the tactics (I will delve more into this once I have completed pre-season). Continue reading Blackburn Rovers – Arte et Labore – Part 2 (Meet The Squad)

A New Save – Part 1 (The Club Reveal)

After my little break the one thing I really wanted to do was have a blog save, no silly long challenges, no more Twitter updates alongside, just play a game I enjoy and blog once, maybe twice a season.

I have decided the best thing to do would be to start in England, somewhere where I don’t tend to play many saves but over time I’ve had my most enjoyable times, from my Huddersfield save in FM16 to my crazy Hinckley AFC save in FM15, they have all been brilliant, so I now have to make a choice on who to be and to be honest it’s a tough one.

There is a no way I can start with my supported team Leicester City, firstly I hate starting in the Premier League, I’d rather build up to that and secondly, after winning the League last season there is no way I could replicate that.

I don’t really have any other teams I support in England, I live in Crawley so kind of follow them but my thoughts are I’d like to start in either League One or the Championship, a team with lower expectations, something I can build over a period of time without any pressure.

After a bit of deliberation I’ve decided to dive straight into the deep end and join the crazy world of the chicken farmers at Blackburn Rovers!

Blackburn Rovers.svg

Why Blackburn?

The main thing that drew me was their amazing facilities:

  1. Excellent Training Facs
  2. Great Youth Facs
  3. Youth Level – 1
  4. Good Junior Coaching
  5. Established Junior Recruitment

I love nothing more than bringing through and nurturing young talent, seeing them progress and either selling them on for a big fee or making them an integral part of my side. The above facilities should help me achieve that quickly, without the need to keep constantly nagging the board for improvements.

The second thing that drew me to them if obviously their past, it was in the mid-90s they benefited from large amounts of funding from Sir Jack Walker and with the likes of Alan Shearer in their squad won the Premier League.

This era was when I really started getting into football. I had started going to watch Leicester every week and loved watching Match of the Day, the Blackburn players in that era epitomised everything I loved about football and to see them lift the trophy (even though it was helped by sh*t loads of money) was a great moment in my teenage-hood.

After that they have fallen away and are now predicted to end way down in the Championship table, their fortunes have wavered over the past few years with numerous managers coming and going and the fans protesting about the rather, let’s say, eccentric board. Remember the Chicken advert? My god that was weird!

Go on watch it, you know you want to!

So with low expectations, good facilities and in my eyes a pretty decent looking squad I can certainly give it a damn good shot at turning their fortunes around, over a period of time of course.

The main aim is to get promoted, this really shouldn’t happen in season one but I’ve been known to massively overachieve in my first campaign, if it happens then it does but I will be aiming to push for the playoffs, get the clubs finances on a sounder footing (we currently have a debt totaling £83m, although £66m of that is a gift loan, the other £17m is to be paid off by May 2017 at a rate of £430k a month).

So if all goes to plan we should be aiming for promotion to the Premier League in the 2017/18 season. From there it’s all about safety, try and bring through some of the youth prospects as we go and keep improving season on season.

With regards to my transfer philosophy, well I don’t really have one. I always like to bring youth through ahead of paying silly fees but it will be done on a season by season basis, do I need to buy a top quality player? Or will a youth prospect do just as good a job?

Tactically I like to keep things basic, my own philosophy is to play a loan striker and make the most of advanced wide players and good creativity in the middle of the park. I really am not good at tactics and normally download them and pray they work, in this save I will putting 110% into creating my own tactics, learning from my mistakes and trying to implement a style of play that the fans will enjoy and also provide results on the pitch. If all goes to plan I will do a tactical post at some point, once I feel I have it all bang on.

My aim for posts are to do a transfer special each season, taking you through the in’s and out’s and the squad for the upcoming season, there will then be an end of season review post showing you how I have done. I may do interim posts if I feel there is something important to talk about, i.e tactics, and interesting news or information on player development, etc.

My next post will be a review of the club as it stands at the start of the game, revolving mainly around the playing squad and backroom staff.

I hope you enjoyed the opening post and will follow me on my journey. Feedback is always welcomed whether positive or negative either on here via a comment or on twitter @thatfmregen.