2019 – New Letter and its BBBBBore Draws all the way!

A quick update on my Alphabet Challenge.

As you will have read before I have completed the “A” Leagues and now moving on to “B”

I resigned from Melbourne Victory immediately after winning the Hyundai Series Final and embarked on finding a new job, it didn’t take long for a club to come calling and that club was Dinamo Minsk of Belarus. Predicted 3rd in the “Highest League”, Dinamo found themselves languishing in 11th position after 15 of 30 games. Here is the table when I took over

table at start

The squad overall isn’t too bad, I seriously needed a better Goalie and a couple more Central Midfielders as I wanted to employ my 41221 formation

minsk squad

Other than those few targets in mind the squad looked pretty decent for a run at the top 3 and a European spot. Bate are by far and away the best team in the league so no one expects to break their domination without a lucky season or serious strengthening.

I made 3 transfers straight the way.


Cupic is a pretty sound looking goalkeeper who filled all the attributes I required and was highly recommended by my Assistant Manager. Golemic and Adamovic are both strong looking Central Midfielders which I was desperately in need of.

The 2nd half of the season was strange. I only lost 1 game (1-0 to Bate) but only managed 28 points from a possible 45. Too many draws were the problem, we drew 7 of our 15 games which was infuriating, most of these were at home and nearly all of them we were losing early and managed to claw back a point!

Here is how the table finished, we ended 6th which was our highest position of the season

end of season table

Disappointing isn’t the word to describe our season, more like abysmal. I fully expected a good run and a push for 2nd or 3rd but it was never meant to be. Hopefully with the right additions/departures we can make a push for the top 2 next season. As mentioned before there is no way we will match Bate at the moment, personally its going to take 2 or 3 years to do that.

We are also still in the Belarussian Cup which for some reason stops after Round 2 in July 2019 and restarts at the Quarter Finals in March 2020!

One final note, we did win one award. Nusimir Fajic won the top goalscorer award bagging 19 goals of our 46 league goals.

leagues top goalscorer

Sorry for the short update, difficult when only in charge for 15 games but hopefully the next update will be a bit longer.

Thanks for reading, all feedback is welcome either on here or via Twitter @thatfmregen

2018/19 – V is for Victory

Hi all and welcome back to my latest update on the Alphabet Challenge

Quick re-cap, last time around I was in Argentina and managed to win the League, Copa Sudamericana and Supercopa Argentina with Boca juniors.

After this I resigned to continue my journey into my final “A” destination Australia and the Hyundai A League. With only 1 league and 10 teams I expected it be a tough road to find a new job. So I holidayed through and waited patiently

It took around 5 months from leaving Boca in December 2018 to receiving my first offer and what an offer it was! It came from Melbourne Victory. Probably 1 of the better teams in Australia but somehow in the 17/18 season they came last in the league, this whilst being predicted 1st!!! Here is how that table ended


Looking through the squad I had it was a total shock to see them end bottom. They have one of if not the best squad in the league. There were gaps. No Left Backs was the first issue which I sorted by signing a fantastic young LB from my old club Boca called Nicolas Pinto, he was only 19 but a fantastic signing.

We made a few other signings as well, here they all are


Sam Byrne was a pretty nifty striker who over the season chipped in with some very important goals


I knew I was set for a good season. I employed my 442 tactic which had proved successful before and with a large enough squad to survive any injuries I was positive of winning the league.

In the FFA Cup we breezed into the final with some emphatic victories including a record 8-0 win away to Redland,then beat Newcastle Jets comfortably 3-0 in the final

ffa cuo

It was a fantastic achievement and pushed us on for what happened in the league. We won the league with 4 games to spare, we had a small blip in the middle mainly down to injuries to all my Left Wingers and 3 of my 4 strikers!


No one could handle us over the whole season and we ended up 10 points clear of Newcastle Jets, but winning the league was only half the story, we still had the end of season Hyundai Final Series to go. As we won the league we got entered straight into the semi finals, we beat Wellington 3-1 AET in the semi and then comfortably beat Newcastle Jets in the final (again!). I’m sure they will be glad to be rid of me out of Australia!


A few end of season awards of note, player of the year went to Left Winger Connor Pain

An amazingly consistent season and a well deserved award.

player of the year

Young player of the year went to Striker Ante Juric

Alongside Sam Byrne they proved a massive threat over the whole season (barring injuries) and fully deserved the award. He will be someone I keep a close eye on as I move countries.

young player of the year

So that’s “A” complete, we move onto “B” now (I’m sure we all know how the Alphabet works!)

For anyone who doesn’t know the available leagues they are:




and Bulgaria

Thanks once again for reading, keep an eye out for the next update in a couple of days. Any feedback is greatly appreciated on here or on Twitter @thatfmregen

2017 – Brilliant Boca!

Hi guys welcome back to my save where I am trying to get as far through the Alphabet Challenge as I can.

if you had read my previous articles you will know in my first season I won the Austrian League with SV Grodig, I then moved to Argentina with San Lorenzo, I had a decent first season but the 2nd season we ended up in financial turmoil. We ended 2nd but I had to get out. Luckily, as you will have read at the bottom of my last article I was offered the job at Boca Juniors.

Here is my review of the 2017 Season.

I took over from Boca with 2 games gone in the League. They had won both their games and after they won the League last season I was pretty confident we would win the league this season.

Here is the squad I inherited:


The squad over all is really good, we have players and extra players to cover all positions and will suit the formation I want to play. There some names I recognised. Insua at LB used to be at Liverpool and we also had Dani Osvaldo!

After looking at the team I decided to play my favourite formation


Its been my preferred formation over the past few versions of FM and it fitted perfectly with the squad

Over the season we had some great results and we ended up winning the league with 4 games to spare, here is the final table. As you can see San Lorenzo my old team came right down near the bottom. If you read my last article you will know the receivers came in and sold nearly all my decent players


It was a great domestic season but also one I fully expected!

Because Boca won the league the previous year we also got entered into the Copa Libertadores, unfortunately it didn’t go completely to plan! We breezed through the group stage winning the group

copa lib group

In the 2nd round we played Cristal of Peru and over the 2 legs we won 6-1

copa lib 2nd rd

In the Quarters we came up against Leon, we had already played and beat them twice in the group stage so was fully expecting another win. What happened will stay with me for a long time! After 2 1-1 draws in the 2 legs we ended up losing 18-17 on penalties! I was absolutely gutted, but I guess these things are meant to be.

copa lib quarter

I’m not sure how South America works but we also got entered into the Copa Sudamericana, and what a campaign it was. We ended up winning the competition losing only 1 game (2nd leg of the final).

To cut down on screenshots here is the round tree for the competition.


It was an amazing run in the competition and after the result in the Copa Libertadores I was really pleased how well we did.

Our final game of the season Supercopa Argentina which we won 2-0 against the Cup Winners Newell’s


So what an amazing season. We now move onto the final “A” League which is Australia, not sure how long it will take to get a job as there are only a handful of teams in the league but I will holiday until an offer comes about

Thanks for reading, if there’s anything else you think I should be including or you would like to see then please leave a comment or message me on Twitter @thatfmregen

2016 – The sharp slide of San Lorenzo

Wow what a rollercoaster ride the 2016 season has been!

After coming 8th with San Lorenzo in 2015 I was hoping for a decent start to the next season hopefully pushing ourselves into continental qualification

The first half of the season was absolutely stunning. We found ourselves top by 6 points when the mid season break came about and I was really really hopeful for a title challenge, here are our first half season results


The came the bad news:


Yes the receivers came in, this is the first time ive ever seen this on FM in any version. We found ourselves £27m in debt and not because of me, I had spent £0 money in the 12 months I had been there.

What I found is that the receivers are in total charge of transfers and will sell all players whatever the price. Within afew weeks I had lost 11 of my 1st team players


My squad had been absolutely destroyed, all the hard work I had done to get us to top of the league seems in vain. By the time the deadline has close on 1st September I had 9 games to and was only 3 points clear at the top.

In the end we lost the title on the final game of the season. We had a good run by Boca won nearly all their remaining games and we couldn’t keep up with them. Overall I was really proud of the way we performed but the cash crisis we found ourselves in had put pay to any dream of the title

The table ended like this:


We then entered into a play off for the continental qualification but ended 4th out of 4. We just couldn’t keep up!


The season is over and there seems no end in the sales of players. We have already lost another 9 players in the close season and its really beginning to get annoying. No funds to improve and our squad is incredibly thin on the ground. Hopefully a job will come in soon as I don’t want to be sticking around any longer!


Update: After 2 games of the 2017 season I got offered the job with Boca Juniors after their manager left for Uruguay. An amazing offer and a great way out of an awful situation!

Hopefully the next update will bring good news!

2015 – The Next Country and a New Club

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days, family visiting and a new born baby means it will always be random times when I get time to myself to sit and write up an article. Because of this I’m a bit behind on my updates so this one will be a little shorter.

After the Austrian Season finished I decided to leave and move on to the next Country, I have the choice between Australia and Argentina. Jobs came and went and it took 3 months for a job offer to eventually come my way.

On the 3rd August 2015 I was approached by San Lorenzo in Argentina. A sizeable budget of £8m looked amazing so I immediately took the job. San Lorenzo were 10th when I took over. The league is a bit mental, there are 30 teams in 1 division and you play everyone once! When taking over we had 14 games of the season to go.

Here are my results after taking over, as you can see we had a fantastic run but Injuries put pay to a challenge for continental qualification and we ended up slipping back away to 8th place

results 2015 season

And here is how the table ended, I was actually very disappointed where we ended after a great run when I took over

2015 season table

As for the tactic I used, I randomly picked out this one:

Its called Bantons v2 and I found it on FM-Base


It started really well but tailed away at the end of the season. I am wondering whether I will stop then random tactic idea and just create my own/pick ones I’m comfortable with

I am well into the 2016 season now but won’t give an update until the season is over. Sorry for the short update but I’ll make sure the next one is more thorough

14/15 Season – The Beginning and First Country

So I have decided to start the Alphabet Challenge as mentioned in the previous post.

These are the leagues I have loaded. As the challenge suggests I will start with the “A” Leagues


Because of the decency of the Leagues and my knowledge of how hard it can be to find a job I have put starting Reputation as National (Regional) Level

It didn’t take long to receive a job offer which I was quite surprised about and I was really pleased as it came from the club I enjoyed a fun save with whilst playing the Beta version of FM15


SV Grodig are in the Austrian Premier Division, the previous season they came 3rd in the League, this was their first season in the Premier Division so an amazing achievement. This also meant that I was entered into the 2nd Qualifying Round of the Europa League

The season as a whole was a major success, we lead from the start and after a late charge from Red Bull Salzburg and Austria Wien we won the League on the last game of the season. This is how the table ended:table

As you can see we totally smashed our expectation of Mid-Table. I don’t think we had an amazing season, but the other big teams expected to blitz the league were just too inconsistent and I feel that’s what won us the league.

In the other comps we entered we were dissapointing in the Austrian Cup where we got knocked out in the 3rd Round at home to Sportclub Ritzing of the Austrian 1st Division.

Our adventure into our first ever European campaign did slightly better, we scraped through our 2nd qualifying round against Siroki Brijeg of Bosnia 5-4 on aggregate with a goal in extra time winning it. We ended up losing to Mainz in the 3rd Qualifying round losing both legs 1-0

On the transfer side we only made one signing, lack of wages and transfer funds meant I had to release some players first to free up some wage budget and we desperately needed a spare striker, so we signed Michel Platini (not him no!)


Platini was fantastic all season and ended up with 15 goals in 29 league starts.


Himself and Tomi Correa proves a formidable partnership all season.

On the Tactic side if you read my previous post you will know I was thinking of doing some kind of random Tactic lottery where I would pick 10 or so tactics that I have seen posted online and randomly select one to use for the season, after a chat with a fellow twitter person I decided it may be difficult to do this as with some clubs it could take a while for the team to get used to a tactic, I changed my idea and decided I will randomly select a tactic at the start of joining EACH club and I have to use this tactic until I win the league and move to the next club where I then randomly select another tactic

The tactic that got picked out first was on called Apex Predator v2 its a 442 tactic that I know and love and have had good success before

If you want to see the tactic you can find it here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/422844-Apex-Predator-V2-Tuned-for-15.3

Here is the tactic and our best XI


So that’s our first season over. And I have no idea how but we won our first league in our first season. Austria is complete but I feel like staying another year and seeing how we get on in our first ever Champions League campaign. But I’ll see if any interesting jobs come available in Australia or Argentina as the summer goes along.

I hope you have enjoyed reading,, I always accept feedback whether positive or negative so please leave a comment or speak to me on twitter @thatfmregen

A General Ramble and new save idea

Firstly let me apologise, this could turn into a massive moan or ramble or bullet point presentation but hopefully at the end of it I will have put my thoughts/ideas across and then also inspired myself to start the save I have going around in me head!!

Over the past few weeks and months I’ve found it increasingly hard to ‘stick’ to a save, something that from what I see on Twitter is a regularly occurring theme. For me it’s down to a few things:

1) more responsibilities in life, I have a shift job which takes up a lot of time and also a 6 week old daughter to look after when I’m not at work. This means it could sometimes be a week or more between playing and saves end up becoming stale when left for a while

2) I am not one for all this analysing of games/tactics, etc. I love what other people do with regards to this but I can never myself spend hours and hours looking through games seeing where tactics succeed and fail. This is mainly my own fault as I don’t have the patience or overall knowledge of tactics in general to analyse things in such depth.

And 3) I like speed in my saves. With the previous 2 points I haven’t got the willpower to spend a week playing a season, I’d rather it took a day or less or in my mind I will lose patience and as always happens I get bored and end up starting again. 

I absolutely love the FM series and like some people wouldn’t know what to do without it, it’s something that takes my mind off everyday life and when I’ve had a bad day at work or hard day at home it cheers me up. That’s why I get quite down when I’m constantly starting and restarting saves and can never stick to it as I enjoy playing the game a lot. 

Now I need to put all this thought process Into what save to start and stick to.

One challenge I’ve always been intrigued by is the ‘Alphabet challenge’. Most people will have heard about it, as the title says you follow the counties in alphabetical order and try to win each league before moving onto the next. I have tried this before but with my ever decreasing free time got bored very easily.

It’s a challenge I want to start again but with a fresh and different outlook on how to play it

In the past I’ve loved using classic mode for its speed and the fact it takes away certain aspects of the game (some may hate this). 

So Woth these thoughts in mind I am going to start the alphabet challenge in classic mode, but to make it easier to progress quickly through seasons I shall set myself some stipulations!

1) load all ‘A’ leagues up at first, I don’t have to do these leagues in any order but have to complete all ‘A’ leagues before moving to ‘B’

2) some of you may stop reading now… I will use ‘instant result’ and maybe create a match plan. This will speed up playing time more and also I don’t really enjoy watching games so would rather it was down to my assistant in some aspects

3) I will oversee all transfers, training, hiring and firing of staff and player contracts. Also I will pick the team each game but leave the game play down to my assistant

Hopefully these set of ideas will make the game fresh for myself, speed it up and also if I don’t play the game for a week or so will be easier to get back into. 

Now my final idea and it’s only an idea. I have always been absolutely atrocious at creating tactics so my thought is to download maybe 10-12 tactics that seem to have success and put them into my save. Each season I will randomly pick one of these tactics and I HAVE to use this tactic all season.   This will give the tactic creators I little idea as to how their tactic works (albeit in classic mode) and makes it maybe a little bit more fun for myself. 

Then at the end of the season that tactic is gone and I’ll randomly select another for the next season. 

Anyway! Enough of my ramble. I would love some feedback as to whether people think my ideas good or bad. I’m not good at writing articles so hopefully it reads OK. If people think it’s good I may write up an article per season but even if I don’t I’ll update via Twitter (@thatfmregen)

Thanks for reading!

Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy