My FM17 Save

On FM17 I will be merging a few things together that I have enjoyed doing on FM16. To do this I will be running my Blog alongside my Twitter Updates.

The plan for my FM17 save is to travel the world taking over interesting clubs, e.g Fallen Giants, Clubs I follow, Clubs with interesting histories, etc.

My manager will be starting Unemployed with Sunday League Reputation and No Coaching badges.

I will load up some obscure smaller Nations in Asia and Africa then sim around 6 months so to make sure that there are different jobs available to what pops up at the beginning of the game. It will the be a job hunt until a club comes in and takes a chance on me.

From there who knows what will happen but I have a few aims and objectives that I want to achieve in the game.

I have already mentioned I have my own little list of teams I want to manage but also I want to complete the Pentagon Challenge, this means I have to win:

European Champions League, Copa Libertadores, North American Champions League, Asian Champions League and the African Champions League.

Alongside this I will be trying to win the 5 international tournaments and the World Cup.

I want to try and complete this without taking over the usual bigger clubs but we will see how it goes, obviously the first club will be pretty rubbish but as I progress, gain badges and reputation the clubs will get larger but I don’t want to take over the usual Man United, Real Madrid, etc.

So how will I be using my blog and Twitter account?

As I mentioned before you will see my usual Game by Game, Transfers in/out, big news, etc via my Twitter account @thatfmregen. This won’t change much from what I have done on FM16 but I have some ideas to improve it.

My blog will be used to issue career updates throughout my save. I will be doing 1 post per season which will take you through my transfers, news, league table, and an end of season review. The blog will also have my career stats, career history and also a trophy cabinet showing you everything (if anything!!) that I have won.

Finally, and this one is something I really want to do is to create a definitive FM Content Community list. A one-stop place where people can come and see every single content creator on a list, whether it’s streaming, blogging, video creation I want to have as many people on this list as possible, there will be no exclusions, I hope to have everyone on it whether you have 100,000 subscribers or 5!

I hope you enjoy what I do and follow me along on my journey. If you have any feedback or comments I’m always willing to take things on board so get in touch.


Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy

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