FM16 – A final word

I wasn’t going to write any kind of epilogue to my time playing FM16 but I wanted to put down in writing a few things, a few words regarding my FM16 journey.

Firstly a big thank you. I have had some unbelievable feedback from my followers. Each and every one of you has been so supportive and helpful. The help in promoting my work doesn’t go unnoticed and for that I will forever be grateful to all the people who have liked, shared, RT’d and commented on my content. I hope that I can repay all of you with helping support your channels and the excellent work you do. The FM community as a whole is one I am very proud of, there are some amazing people out there.

Secondly, I’d like to talk a little bit about my FM16 journey. I have to say this years FM has been kinda tough for me. With regards to the game I have loved it, it’s been by far the best and most immersive. But overall I have to say I have struggled a lot of the time. Numerous saves, crashes, screwed up databases and laptop issues, along with health problems have hampered what I have wanted to do. I am not one for chopping and changing saves and in this version that’s all I have seemed to do. I understand that this can come across as boring or inconsistent for my viewers and for that I apologise. I hope that for FM17 I can play just 1 save and make all of you proud of me.

Finally, a few words for a few people. These people I am unable to contact because they have unfollowed me. I seem to have lost a lot of support, support that I was immensely grateful for, from a lot of FM players and bloggers, these people I massively respected and always took their feedback and opinions on board. If these people are reading this they will know exactly who they are. I won’t name them but my closest friends and followers will know who I am talking about.

If somehow you are reading this. I know I have annoyed a lot of people this year, I have sometimes come across as arrogant, selfish, unhelpful and rude. This isn’t me or how I want to come across. I like to think myself as a nice, helpful, kind person but over this year I have sometimes overstepped the mark with things I have said and also over-reacted to things when it definitely wasn’t required.

I want to wholeheartedly apologise if my behaviour has made you unfollow me and I hope that in time I can gain forgiveness off of you. I appreciate everyone’s help and support in making my blog and Twitter account what it has become and I hope when FM17 comes out I can produce content worthy of gaining your love and support once again.

This will be the end of my blog until FM17 comes out, until then I will always be available on Twitter for anyone who would like speak to me, whether it’s for content advice or help with promotion. I want to give everything back to this wonderful FM community

Thanks and speak to you all very soon


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