Huddersfield Town – Season 5 Part 2

Welcome back to the latest instalment of my save with the mighty Terriers aka Huddersfield Town where I’m not as you can see above in my 5th season in charge. Last season’s 13th place finish, our 2nd 13th place finish in a row was incredibly frustrating, we could beat the big boys, but struggled against the smaller teams. This season is the season it needs sorting out!

As you will have seen from my last post I went a bit mad on transfers signing more experienced heads and shipped a lot of players out. I’m really hopeful we can eclipse the past 2 seasons and start heading upwards.

As I’ve done in all my posts let’s get straight into it and show you how the Premier League table ended.


We did it. We actually improved from last season, and my god it’s been a good season overall. 11th place and 48 points is a cracking season and unlike the previous 2 season’s we never looked in danger of being dragged into the relegation scrap.

The season actually started off very poorly, In pre-season I had sold my strikers and bought in a new front line. Did it work? No it didn’t! In the 1st 3 games we drew 0-0, 0-0 and then lost 2-0. Not the best start. The tactic I had built wasn’t really working so I made a few tweaks and it slowly started paying off. It took us until game 7 to clock up our first win but in those 7 games we had only lost 1 and drew 5. We just needed to start being more potent in front of goal.

That first win of the season seemed to improve morale and we went on a winning streak that lasted 6 games. I’ve not had that in the previous 3 seasons and at that point we found ourselves up in 9th place.

The winning run came to an abrupt end when we visited Chelsea and were absolutely smashed 6-1. By the turn of the year our form had kind of turned into last season, we would win 1, draw 1 then lose 1 and this is how it contunied for a few months. But in the Premier League 4 points from 3 games is more than good enough and because of this we never found ourselves in danger of getting relegated.

Unlike last season though our wins were actually against the teams in and around us, but when we played the big teams we were getting destroyed. We found ourselves on the end of a 4-1 defeat to Man Utd, 4-0 to Liverpool, 5-1 to Tottenham, it ruined our goal difference but because of our wins against the likes of Crystal Palace, Leicester, Derby, etc we always kept ourselves ahead of the lower teams.

As the season drew to a close we had chances to make it into the top half but a poor last couple of games saw that dwindle and we ended 11th, but a massive improvement on last season.

The Cups

We eventually had a very successful season with regards to the cup competitions and although we didn’t end up winning anything we overall had a great campaign in both cups.

The League Cup went fantastically until the final were we came up against Man City and lost a tight game 3-2. I was gutted we couldn’t nab the game at the end but Man City deserved the win.

lge cup

The FA Cup was also pretty successful, we got ourselves into the Quarter Final where like the League Cup we came up against Man City, a 0-0 draw at the Etihad boosted our chances, we headed into the replay at home and somehow we decided to play like absolute morons and lost 7-1!!!!! YES 7-1!!!

An absolute shocker.

fa cu[

End of Season Awards

Tommy Smith once again was one of our standout players for the season. He is now the captain of the club as well. Funnily enough our loanee from Chelsea gained Signing of the Season, he stole Jack Stephens’ spot in Central Defence and had a fantastic season.

Cauly Woodrow eventually solved our goalscoring problems scoring 24 goals.


Here is the Best 11 for the season. Fernando lost his spot in the team as well, Maher dropped back into Midfield with Fortounis taking the spot behind the Striker.

best 11

So who were my key players for the season? I won’t talk about Tommy Smith as you will already know he is our best player!

Ben Garratt, I somehow managed to ward away Chelsea, they wanted to sign him, he wanted to leave but their pitiful offer of £1.6m was a disgrace and I told them where to go. He eventually decided it was better to stay and had a great season. He was rewarded at the end of the season with his first England call-up.


Alex Pritchard had another great season, he really deserved an England call-up in my eyes. 33 league games, 4 goals and 11 assists was fantastic and he certainly was a key player in our 11th place finish.


Finally Cauley Woodrow, what a first season he has had. I wanted to rotate him with Zach Clough but there was no way he deserved to be dropped. Clough will now probalby leave as he isn’t getting a chance with Woodrow around. Then I’ll use my youths to cover him if he gets injured.


Final Thoughts

Oh yeah I usually talk about the youth intake don’t I? Well I’m not going to as it was absolute disgrace!

Well it’s been a fantastic season, the signings paid off and we looked a lot better. Hopefully with the right additions we can push for a top half spot next season.

There will be a few players leaving. We have a lot of unhappy players as they couldn’t get a game, the like of Clichy, Ebanks-Landell, Hogg and Clough will be leaving, but worst of all is Kasey Palmer, his lack of game time means he is refusing to sign a new deal and has confirmed he will be leaving on a free transfer.

The board have once again given me some great budgets for next season.


A final word

Here is the bad news. I have decided that this is going to be my last post in this save. There are currently around 5-6 weeks until FM17 Beta comes out, and for the 2 weeks before the release of the Beta I am on holiday. Due to work commitments and other family stuff I don’t have the time to keep this save going and also my Twitter save which I am really enjoying, so unfortunately this is the save that has to be sacrificed. This also gives me the chance to get my WordPress site 100% ready for the FM17 release as I have some good plans as to what I will be doing (See my FM17 plans blog post for more info).

Now the good news, although I am stopping this save I am going to be handing it over to a good Twitter friend of mine and also a massive Huddersfield Town fan so he can continue the save on for another couple of seasons. Hopefully he won’t ruin my hard work!

His idea is to put up regular Twitter updates, more than likely month by month updates of games, transfers, etc. So make sure you go and give @thespicylettuce a follow. I’m sure he will make it just as interesting as this blog has been.

Sory to stop this blog so quickly. If you rememebr back to the beginning I said I would only do 3 or 4 season so 5 is already 1 more than I expected to do.

This blog has really got my love back for blogging and means when FM17 is released this blog site will come back, I hope you will all like what I have in store.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the support. See you all soon


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