Huddersfield Town – Season 3 Part 1

Welcome back to the latest post in my Huddersfield Town FM16 save, it was an amazing 2nd season where after a sensational end of season run we nicked 2nd place with 1 game to spare and won promotion to the Premier League. This update will take you through the ins and outs over pre-season and any other news that’s taken my eye.

Transfers Out

I mentioned in my previous post that I wouldn’t be making any outs from the squad that took us up last season, I kinda stuck to that apart from a few players that were out of contract and I ended up selling one player who really wasn’t required


The only player to leave for a fee was Defender Deji Oshilaja, he was signed on a free last season as a back-up and never really got his chance. Millwall offered £170k upfront with another £50k in appearance related fees so I accepted.

The only notable players to leave due to being out of contract were Sean Scannell and Martin Cranie, both weren’t required so were moved on.

3 players have gone out on loan, once again Booty isn’t really showing enough to join the first team. Kane and Pyke are progressing well and hopefully another season or two on loan will make them ready to join up with the first team.

Transfers In

I may have gone slightly mad with transfers, not with a number of players but with how much I spent, I normally go and hunt for frees but none of them took my eye, the Manchester United affiliation got cancelled as we were now in the same division as them so we couldn’t rely on them to sign some loanees and also Premier League rules state we are only allowed two domestic loan players. So I thought sod it and went slightly crazy with signings, and here they all are.

I already mentioned in my last post that I had signed Kasey Palmer for £5m from Chelsea, he has been here for two seasons and been by far our best player.

Jesse Lingard – Attacking Midfielder (£6.5m from Stoke City)

My most expensive signing, when I saw him on the transfer list I had to sign him. I had him on a previous save and turns out to be an amazing player. With a few of my AMs leaving due to their loans being up I needed a couple of new players who can fill in on the wing and behind the forwards and Lingard fits the bill. He has great all round attributes but still has room for improvement.


Michy Batshuayi – Striker (£4.3m from Chelsea)

A Striker was much needed as we lost Rashford and Keane due to their loans being up, we had already sold Nakhi Wells in the previous window and we were left with only Hiwula and a few Wingers who can play up front. When I saw Michy on the transfer list I felt he was the perfect fit for the club. He has great physical attributes along with high determination, composure, finishing, off the ball. Literally everything you want in a forward. I really feel he can score the goals to keep us up.


Alex Pritchard – Attacking Midfielder (£2.5m from Tottenham)

Another Attacking Midfielder and another Englishman. I like Pritchard, on all my saves he always seems to turn into a very good player. He was also found sitting on the Transfer List and at £2.5m I feel he is an absolute steal. He needs some improvement and will probably be backup to Harry Bunn for the start of the season.


Ethan Ebanks-Landell – Central Defender (£1.1m from Wolves)

Ebanks-Landell was also on the Transfer List and looks really good. He will probably start of back-up behind Jack Stephens and Chris Schindler but I hope as time moves on he will progress to first choice alongside Stephens. I really want to try and build a nucleus of English players.


Cameron Borthwick-Jackson – Defender (Season Long Loan from Man Utd)

I managed to get this deal done before the board cancelled the affiliation with Man Utd so I have Cameron B-J for another season long loan for nothing. He didn’t play much last season as Lowe is my first choice LB but when called upon he did a solid job and will provide decent back-up again, also being able to fill in at CB if required.


And that is my signings. A lot of money spent! Overall £19.4m spent on 5 players, but all were great deals and with four of them being English I am really pleased. I do feel now we have a good squad to stay up.


We have good strength in depth in all areas with two players per position at least. One thing I don’t have is a back-up GK. Tadhg Ryan will provide that role for this season, he looks pretty decent even if he isn’t rated highly. I wanted a new GK but spent all my Transfer Budget and with players wage rises I spent all my Wage Budget as well!

Season Expectations

As you would expect for a “smaller” team coming into the Premier League expectations aren’t very high. Although if you see the odds below there are quite a number of teams on 2000-1 to win the League. So they are expecting 5 teams to struggle this season at least and we are one of those.


The board also concur with these odds and our expectation is to “avoid relegation”. I do feel we can achieve this. As for any team wanting to stay up 40 points is my target.


The board also expect us to get to the 4th round of the League Cup and 5th round of the FA Cup, after my great FA Cup run in the first season I really want that feeling again so will be going all out to get as far as I can in the FA Cup, I may use the League Cup to blood some back-up and youth players.

Transfer Targets

I haven’t really talked about my Scouting and Transfer Targets in any post before but thought I would just mention a few players who I have been scouting. I do have Attribute Masking turned on so I need to do a bit more scouting of players to find their exact attribute rating. What I tend to do is search for players using the base attributes I want in a player. This start at 10 and for the player to have 5 out of 7. For anyone wondering the attributes I look for are:

Determination, Natural Fitness, Anticipation, First Touch, Decisions, Bravery and Concentration.

I then keep lowering the attribute level until I get 10-15 players ages under 19 and then go and scout them. Once I get the first scout report if they take my eye or have been given more than a 3* Potential Ability I then send my scout to monitor them for 3 months. I also at this point add them to my shortlist. At the end of the 3 months I check up at the end of the scouting and see how they are progressing, I repeat this until I have a full knowledge of the player and then decide if I want them or not.

A bit long winded but it needs to be done in my eyes.

Right after all that waffle here are a few players who I am keeping an eye on.

Dennis Keji – Central Defender

Been monitoring this guy for a year now and keep trying to get him on loan but never have the money to afford it! With his contract running out in 12 months I may go try and sign him in January.

kelj prospect

Steven Kinsella – Winger

I tried to sign this guy last season but Middlesborough stole him off me. He isn’t rated very highly and seems to be declining a bit but I like his pace, technique and work rate. I’m not sure I’ll go in for him again now we are in the Premier League but will monitor him for a few more months.

kinsells prospect

Ross Ridgers – Striker

Now I really like this guy and he is rated really highly by my scouts. I tried to sign him in the pre-season but Inverness wanted some ridiculous fee for him. If we stay up and make some money I may try and unsettle him a little bit of sign him in the next pre-season window.

ridgers prospect

Lewis Vaughan – Striker

Another player I tried to sign, but Hib wanted £7m for him! Absolutely no chance. He needs way too much improvement and I won’t spend more than £1.5m for him. He will be monitored for another year and if Hibs don’t budge on their fee I’ll admit defeat

vaughan prospect

Right, I’m going to leave this update there, I’ve gone on long enough I think! Hope you enjoyed the update and let’s hope with those really good signings I can keep them up this season.

Thanks for reading


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