A Week in the Life of ThatFMRegen – 30th July 2016

Welcome back to my 4th weekly update on all things ThatFMRegen, by now you will know what this covers but in short I will go through my week on FM16 and also anything that’s caught my eye in the FM Community.

There is a lot to get through this week with regards to my FM16 save so to change it around a bit I’m going to go through FM Community stuff first!

What’s taken my eye this week?

Quite a bit to be honest, but most of the stuff I’ve seen has been continuations of saves I have already gone through, but there are a couple of new things that’s taken my eye.

FMBood – Twitter, YouTube 

How have I not seen this guy before??! Luckily for me he was mentioned on a series I will talk about in a minute and wow this guy is amazing. I managed to watch all 24 episodes of his S.O.S Stockport series in the space of 3 days and it was awesome. His style is brilliant, he is funny and you can tell he enjoys what he does. I especially love his little press conference bits he does which uses other Twitter/YouTubers to ask the questions.


DaveAzzopardi – Twitter, YouTube

Dave is a guy I’ve followed for quite a while on both YouTube and Twitter and he always presents fantastic series’, he is currently running the FM Mini League which I implore you to go and take a look at, but the what caught my eye this week is his “Season Review” series where he interviews other YouTubers about how their year on FM16 has gone and more. Its a must watch. He currently has interviewed 2 people who are well known content creators. Hopefully he might ask me (cheeky hint!)

They are the 2 new series I’ve seen on YouTube this week, as for blogs it’s slowed a bit this week, not in content but in new series. If you have seen my previous 3 weeks you will know who I have mentioned but here is a recap on those guys who this week have published new blog posts.

FMPressure – Twitter, Blog

He has posted a couple of really good quality posts this week, you have to go and check them out. His Villarreal contract came to an end and he decided to move on, Where? Click the blog link above and go and find out, it’s worth it.

FMSamo – Twitter, Blog

Chris has had some week on his Aberdeen save, I won’t spoil it for you but it ended very very dramatically! Go and take a look (and try not to cry!).

Lastly I wanted to take you through a few Twitter accounts that you should go and follow if you like Twitter updates like mine and also if you want to speak to one really helpful person!

FMAcidphire – Twitter

This guy was my inspiration for doing Twitter updates, his Sunderland Albion save on FM15 was epic and on FM16 he is doing a save where he travels the world, he has been to too many countries to list. Go and follow him, his updates are good and he does really well.

DylanRisky – Twitter

This guy is a legend, we have only got in touch lately but he is one of the most talented helpful people around. If you didn’t see my Twitter updates lately then you won’t know he created me kits for my current season on my FM16 save (no spoilers here!). He loves creating kits and if you want them doing look no further than this wonderful human being!

Right that’s it for FM Community, now on to my FM16 I hope your ready!

How my save gone this week?

Where the hell do I start? The beginning is always good!

2024/25 Season

When I last left you I was at Sutton United and after 14 games in League 2 we sat top of the league….just.

Then I had a job offer which took my eye, it wasn’t a “big” club, as a matter of fact it was from a club 22nd in the division I was topping!


This is after I spent 2 hours deciding to go for the interview! Crewe wanted me, it was a tough choice. I was loving being at Sutton but it was becoming hard, our form was dropping and finances were diabolical at best. I could feel the wheels were going to come off and after some deliberation and chats with fellow Twitter-ers I decided to take the job.

You might think “are you mad? They are 22nd in the League!!” but look at that transfer budget! Finances are good and the squad albeit 22nd looks amazing, Crewe came down from League One in the previous season and were predicted to end 3rd. I had high hopes, obviously not for this season but for the future.

Here is the squad I inherited:


What happened next was sensational, we went on one hell of a run and with only 4 defeats in the next 22 games we were well in with a chance of the play-offs, it was a run of epic proportions but it came to an abrupt end and in the final 4 games and it wasn’t destined to be. We had ended 10th, but what a run we had and it gave me serious hope for next season. With the right buys we could easily challenge for promotion back to League One.


As you can see Sutton ended 7th and were to lose in the play-off semi final. One thing I did do mid-season was go on a hunt to steal my best Sutton players. In the end I only signed one and that was CM Warren Sands, he was just too good to not sign, I ended up forking out £160k for him, but he is definitely worth it!


Those mental attributes are amazing for this level and I really do feel he can be a great find.

2025/26 Season

So into the next season (as you can tell I had a lot of free time this week!!). I had massive hopes for this season, we had a lot of outs, shipping out the rubbish and only a a few ins. Here are the 5  that came in:


Only 5 which for me is hardly any but the squad overall is good, all I needed to do was shrink it down and improve the quality.

By far my best signing was Jonathan Stewart, released on a free by Chelsea, he is a Striker and as you will see later on has been sensational.

Chris Munday is a CB, Marsden is a RW/LW, Beaumont will be my back-up LB and George Cropper, a LW who has come back to the club after 3 years away.

Overall the signings were well thought out, I didn’t need a lot, and we headed into the season in high spirits.

To cut a long story short we were nothing short of sensational. We lead from the start and never looked back, we did have a few wobbles but by then we were so far clear it didn’t matter. We gained promotion with 5 games to spare and won the League with 3 to go. At some points we found ourselves 15 points clear and as the season closed in it did fall to 6 but our form picked up at the right time and we had done it! Promotion and the Title was ours and it was most definitely deserved.


95 points and we romped the league by 13 points. As you can see Sutton ended all the way down in 21st but they did well as they were well bottom at the turn of the year.

A few standout players to show you.

Firstly that man from Chelsea Jonathon Stewart


What a season this guy had, and he cost absolutely nothing! He managed to bag 25 goals in 46 games with 11 assists and 7 POTMs, his average rating was 7.57. An amazing season and he is only going to get better!

Secondly was Right Winger Hary Cornick


On paper Cornick looks nothing special but somehow he excelled playing as a WM(a) on the Right hand side, in his 41 games he bagged 20 goals, he nearly always seemed to be coming in the back post to nab a goal. He wont last much longer, his attributes aren’t good enough as we move forward but he won’t be sold, he will leave when he retires!

So Crewe are back in League One and I do feel we can have a good season but we do need to ship out a lot more of the rubbish and bring quite a few new players in.

This is where DylanRisky worked his magic, he created me some kits for the game, which on Thursday evening he presented on Twitter, I had no idea what they looked like but my god they look so frigging sexy!


Absolutely stunning!

2025/26 Season

Let’s start with the transfers in shall we?

Here is the list of all players in:


Quite a few but no money spent, 4 on loan and 6 on frees. All will be in the 1st team squad but not all will start. There are a few for the future but also some main men as well.

Jack Lee – Goalkeeper, will be my 1st choice this season, 16 for handling and 17 for aerial reach his main attributes, he needs to improve on his rushing out and kicking.

Sam Cato – Right Back, will be a back-up to Tyler Reid, he has good physicals but need to improve technically.

James Easter – Centre Back, will be back-up and after 5 games of the season hadn’t played and asked for me to terminate his loan contract – SEE YA!

Miguel Fernandez – Left Back, had him on loan for 2 seasons and was amazing, a must buy and my 1st choice LB.

Billy Tinker- Central Midfield, at 18 he is one for the future and may be loaned out, he has good teamwork, vision, work rate and passing.

Neil Lee – Striker, will play alongside Stewart and looks good, has good pace and finishing, along with good composure, anticipation, etc

Jamie Kelly – Left Back, back-up to Fernandez, signed on a 6 month loan

Kieron Edwards – Centre Back, will be a back-up, has all the attributes you require in a decent, strong CB.

Daryl Curtis – Central Midfielder, will be challenging Sands for the CM(d) spot, he is strong and solid, needs to improve his technical attributes.

Bojan Dinic – Central Midfielder, a signing by my DOF, he looks solid and will provide decent back-up.

So that’s my signings, here is my current squad.


So far this season I’ve only managed to play 6 games in the League and 2 in the League Cup, and it has been another amazing start. We currently sit 2nd in the league and have managed to win both our League Cup games, both away to Championship teams (Forest and Colchester).

Hopefully we can keep up this good start and push for the play-offs, the board expect mid-table but I expect play-offs.


Thanks for reading, obviously this update has been quite long, mainly because I had a lot of time the previous week to play the game, from now onwards my free time is quite limited. This coming week I am away for 5 days with no internet and have only 2 free nights to play. Because of this there will be no update next Sunday, instead there will be a bumper update on the 14th August covering 2 weeks of my save and community bits.

I am going to try and be a bit more thoughtful with my save updates, my intention at the start was to literally post a few pictures and a very short update on how it has gone, but I am loving this save so much I will try to add a bit more to my updates. I’ll talk a bit more about my tactics and my transfers and also some results and cup reviews. I won’t go on too much as these updates were supposed to be relatively short!

Anyway I’ve gone on too much now. Thanks for reading and speak to you all soon





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