A Week in the life of ThatFMRegen – 24th July 2016

Welcome back to my third weekly update of all things FMRegen. If you have read the previous you will know what I cover in these mini updates, if you haven’t then I will take you through my current FM16 save and also any FM Community content that’s taken my eye this week.

One big note is today is my birthday!!! I have reached the ripe of age of 36, maybe some will think I’m now too old for video games but I think differently!!

How has my FM16 save gone this week?

If you follow me on Twitter then you will know all of what I am about to tell you as I put game by game updates on there. If not then this will come as a pleasant surprise.

In my last update we had just started the third season with Sutton and my second in the National League and had a pretty decent start. After last seasons defeat in the Play-off final to Stockport I was determined to get promoted to League 2.

We had an incredible season overall, we topped the league after 6 games and never looked back. In the end it was a canter and we won the league with 3 games to spare and ended up 11 points clear of the rest.


It was a stunning season, we were forecast to end 9th but I always knew with the squad we had we would be there or thereabouts at the top. Sutton now heads into its first ever campaign in League 2.

The only worry at the moment is the finances, we are suddenly hemorrhaging money. At the current moment we are -£130k and projected to be -£1m by the end of the League 2 season. We won’t end that low I know it but overall it is very concerning.

So as I headed into the League 2 season I didn’t want to go throwing money about. My signings were well thought out, only 3 proper signings, all on frees and all on low wages. By far my biggest signing was Liam Trotter who popped up on a free transfer, a very good all round midfielder and although he is now 35 still looks like he would be a huge player for me this season.


I also brought in 4 loan players to bolster the squad but I really want to rely on the team that got us up in the first place, keep the squad small and bring in some of the youths if we run short due to injuries, suspensions, etc.


A quick run through of who is who. Larkin is a RW, Holland and Hornby are CBs, Rendell and Trotter are CMs, Smith is a Striker and Carlisle is a GK. This strengthened our squad massively and in my eyes gives a good shot of a mid-table spot.

So we started our first ever League 2 campaign on the Thursday night (in real time) and what a start it was! 4 wins out of the first 4 league games and also 2 Capital One Cup wins against Reading and Millwall (both Championship teams).

By the end of Thursday night we had played 10 league games and had won 5, drew 4 and lost 1 which put us into 2nd in the League. It was a crazy start, we are predicted to end 22nd.

It’s a very strange feeling when winning is getting slightly boring!!! I always tend to do well on my saves but what is happening in this save has gone beyond anything I expected. I asked a few questions on twitter Thursday night to see how people kept their motivation levels up when they are doing really well and not losing. I had some great feedback, thanks to all who replied.

What it has made me do is think of some ways I can make it more challenging for myself, nothing will change this season but in the coming seasons, to keep it fresh, it will try and constrain myself to some goals and objectives. For example, sign players for nothing and try and sell on for big money, make tactical changes each season to keep the players on their toes, try and rely on youth players more. Those are a few ideas, if you have anymore then let me know.

On Friday (real time) we continued our good start and as we approached November (game time!) we were sat in 3rd place only 1 point off top. It’s been a fantastic start. Lets hope we can continue and push for at least a play-off spot.


And due to work and family visiting that’s where I currently am in my save. It’s going very very well!!

Whats been good in the FM Community this week?

Well the good news is one of my favourite YouTubers is back!!

FMU has been one of my inspirations for blogging and tweeting about my FM Saves, all the way back in FM14 when we spoke on Steam as we were both doing Hinckley saves. Well after a little break the big man is back taking over the team who are bottom of the Premiership at the turn of the year. That team was Middlesborough, I won’t say anymore but he now has 5 episodes in the series and it’s a really good watch.

Here is the link to his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8y2I_YXqtjR0mTVYluTS1Q

New stuff on YouTube had been pretty quiet but some of the guys who I went through before are still producing great quality content so if you haven’t caught up then go and check:

The Northman – 2 new episodes in his Viking series and a fun new series which has started (that I haven’t had time to watch yet!)

RichonTwitch – A new episode in his English Journeyman save charting his final end of season games, can he get the points required to win the League? Go and find out

TheRelaxedMrBaker – Is doing a longer take on my Alphabet Challenge, go and check it out

Right now on to the blogs and once again there is so much good stuff about at the moment, here are 4 new series that I’ve seen this week

Strikerless once again has come out with something so good it will blow your mind! It’s not a career charting blog but all about progression and what drives player development, he has released 2 new posts this week, here they are:

What Drives Player Development; A Few Factors You Probably Never Considered

What Drives Youth Development; A Follow-Up

ComeontheOviedo is a great blogger, most people will know him as he has one of the biggest followings due to his Johnny Cooper books but if you haven’t then go and check his new blog series where he takes charge of Foggia in Italy, he has 2 new posts out, here is the 1st one

#FM16 : Foggia dei Miracoli I

JLASPEY/The Tactical Annals has come back with a really good series with AC Milan. His writing style is as good as anyone around and I always enjoy his inciteful writing. Check out his latest post here

And finally

TarienCole a relatively new blogger to me but his writing style is fantastic and his new Fiorentina save is one I will most definitely be reading, he has released quite a few posts this week but here is the first post


There’s so much good in the FM Community at the moment, mainly on blogs, it’s exploded at the moment, if there’s something I’ve missed or something you want me to check out then please drop me a comment or tweet me @thatfmregen

That’s all for now, hope you.ebhoted the update.

Catch you all soon





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