A week in the life of That FM Regen – 17th July 2016

Welcome back to my second weekly catchup post. Well the first one seemed to go down very well so u hope you all enjoy this one just as much.

This week’s recap will take you through how my FM16 save has been going and also take you through a few things tests taken my eye in the FM Community this week (once again there has been a lot!!!).

How has my FM save been going?

Pretty well in a nutshell but I’m sure you want a bit more than that! If you follow my twitter updates then you will know exactly what has been going on but for those of you who have missed it then here we go.

2021/22 Season

I’m my last weekly update we were mid season with Sutton United in the National League and after 23 games we sat top of the league. The second half of the season went very well. We manged to stick around top spot for most of the season but our form was very patchy.

As we approached the final 6 games it was a 3 horse race for the top spot. And as the season ended our form fell away and Wrexham became unbeatable, the stole top spot from us in the final few games which meant we were set for a playoff spot.


We breezed past Maidstone in the Semi Finals but in the end we would fall one step short and were beaten 4-2 in the final by Stockport.


It was a tough blow to not go up after we had been top or near top for most of the season but looking back it was a very successful season. We were predicted mid table so to come 2nd was great and has hopefully set us up to go that one step further in the next season.

2022/23 Season

Preseason went very well. I’d decided to ditch my attempts at the unsuccessful 532 that I’d attempted to implement in the previous season an went back to the pretty solid 442.

I tried to slow down my changes and only replace players that were to leave due to contracts running out of loan deals running out.

One man I had to keep was CM Warren Sands, he had been on loan from Luton for the past 2 seasons and was a revelation. His contract ran out at Luton and I snapped him up on a free. We also signed a few others. I tried to stick to players I had been scouting from the previous season. I have some set have attributes I look for in a player as well.


At this current moment we are 4 games into the new season and we have started pretty well, 3 wins and 1 defeat.


So overall it’s been a pretty good week in my save, It’s turning into one of my favourite FM saves. Hopefully I can bring you some good news next week, I have high hopes that we can get promoted. Lets hope I can find the time to pack some FM time in as have quite a busy week with work.

What have I seen in the FM Community this week?

As last week there has been a wealth of awesome blogs around. I took you through 3 last week who had started new series but were people I class as already having a good following.

This week I’m going to show you 3 blogs of new kids on the block who deserve a read and more followers.


A new guy on the block (and he is actually my cousin!). No that’s not the reason I’m putting him on here, the reason he is here is he has started a new blog and it reads very well. He has started with his 2nd team Ipswich Town and he has started pretty well. Go over and check the blog out here:



A really good writer and I am loving his “Forging a Finnish Legend” series. A new update came out on Wednesday which has a good twist at the end. He also incorporates YouTube videos into his series. If a must read:


FM Secatus

Don’t think this guy has a Twitter account but its a blog I found whilst perusing the “Football Manager” tag. It’s another great read and one I will be keeping an eye on. He is basically doing the Dafuge Challenge in Spain, this is where you take over a team that was unplayable, you do this by simming to the end of season and taking over a team promoted to the bottom playable league in the game. I have done this before in England and it was good fun so go and take a look:


A few other websites to take a look at are:

Mr Bad Dragon – http://aplt.baddragon.co.nz/career-history/

This has been a must read of mine for a while and an inspiration for the way I blog my save. MrBD has a website where he does regular updates and also Tweets his results game by game

Defenderless http://www.defenderless.cf/

You have seen Strikerless but this guy takes it to a new level, yes he goes Defenderless! And actually at the moment he is doing both!! Go and take a look at his site and also check his Twitter timeline out, it’s a very good read.

So that’s what I’ve seen this week. YouTube as last week has been very slow, whereas blogs have boomed over the past 2 or 3 weeks. Hopefully the YouTubers come back soon with some new FM related content.

One new series on YouTube that did take my eye right at the very last moment as I was writing this was someone I mentioned last week.

The Northman was doing a St Mirren save which I didn’t realise at the time was only a 1 season save. This finished the other day but he has started at new save with a Norwegian club called Viking Stavanger. I love playing in Norway on FM so this will be a fun save to follow. Go and check the first episode out here 

That’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading.


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