A week in the Life of ThatFMRegen – 10/07/2016

Good morning all and welcome to something new that I was actually going to wait to do until FM17 but I’m so excited to write it I thought I’d crack on straight the way.

What I’ve decided to do is each Sunday (as long as I’m not on holiday or at work) I will write a weeks recap on things football and FM16. So it will recap on my current save in case you missed my Twitter updates and/or can’t be bothered to read through my daily updates, it will also go through things that have happened in general this week, no I don’t mean if my daughter had a really bad shit or puked on my shoes, I mean it will be be mainly about things to do with football, general football and mainly my beloved Leicester City FC. The final thing I will run through is any FM Community content that has taken my eye over the past week. I seem to have way too many followers on Twitter for how good I am so it would be good to give something back to those people who work hard and produce decent quality content who deserve a better following.

How is my current FM16 save going?

So if somehow you managed to miss all my constant Twitter updates then where have you been?

This save started around a month ago so if you have no idea what I’m doing then here is a little bit about my journey:

The save started with me as Montrose manager in Scotland League 2 (this was decided by a Twitter poll). In 4 seasons we managed to win 3 promotions and found ourselves in the SPL. We only managed 1 season there before being sent down in the relegation/promotion play-offs. 

Somehow after all I had done for the club the board sacked me. It was a shocking and gutting way for it to all end and one that stunned me and a lot of my followers!

It didn’t take long to get some job offers in but I decided to start low down again in the National League South in England, the job offer came from Sutton United who had just been relegated from the National League Conference.

Our first season in the NL South went really well and we managed to batter the league winning it with 6 games to spare.


The squad was always set to win the league, we had lots of unhappy players that I managed to entice into staying another season, it paid off and we gained promotion. In the end it wasn’t enough to keep 2 of my star men. Right Winger Armani Daly left who was Player of the Season for the NL South.

So I started the 2021/22 season back in the National League on Thursday and we started amazingly, in our first 12 games we had won 9 and only lost 1 finding ourselves 6 points clear at the top. In true FM style though our form went totally out of the window and by the end of Saturday evening we had gone on a terrible run of 2 wins in 11 games and had lost top spot to FC Halifax.

My attempts to change formation at the start of the season had started well but as our form dropped it was clear the tactic (532) wasn’t working so I resorted back to my trusted 442 that had won us the league the year before. With the change in tactics the performances have started to improve but results are still fairly sporadic. We currently have found ourselves in 2nd place in the league at the mid point of the season.

It’s been a great start and hopefully we can turn the bad results around and get ourselves a play off spot this season. My aim is to get promoted to league 2 within 2 seasons and then stabilise in league 2 for a couple of years before going for promotion to league 1. I want to try and keep a nucleus of players who have taken me through the leagues and not rely on signing a whole new team each season. 

When I do my next weekly update I’ll include a bit more with regards to transfers, best performing players, etc.

As mentioned before if you want to follow my results and other news more closely then follow me on Twitter.

What’s been going on this week?

Lets start with Leicester City shall we? Before I start let me just say I am a huge LCFC fan, I am just about to turn 36 and have been a season ticket holder since I was 10 years old so I’m not a fan who just suddenly started supporting them because they won the Premier League (did we actually do that?!?!!?!?).

Well Mr Ranieri has certainly been busy this week in the transfer market. Firstly he snapped up “Kante 2.0” Nampalys Mendy from Nice for a reported £13m, a club record fee. That was then beaten by the signing of Winger/Striker Ahmed Musa for £16m from CSKA Moscow. Musa has been a player the LCFC scouting team have been looking at for nearly 12 months now. We had a bid rejected by CSKA in the January Window but Musa wanted a move to the Premier League and we eventually got our man. I have to say the signings we have made this summer have been amazing and as long we can keep hold of our stars I really feel we can have another successful season, for me that would be pushing for a Europa League spot.

So all looking rosy on the LCFC front but what else has happened this week that’s taken my eye?

Well the Euros are nearly over and after England’s demise it was down to Wales to represent the “Home nations”. After a great win against Belgium they couldn’t go any further and were knocked out in the Semi Finals by Portugal. It has been a great tournament for Wales who have also shown that as much as they rely on Bale they aren’t just a one man team. I hope that they can push on from this tournament and get a spot in the World Cup 2018.

On the signings front the main talking point was Man United ever increasing transfer bids. £100m for Pogba?? Why didn’t they just not sell him all them years ago! The transfer fees are now just getting ridiculous due to the new TV deal but if Pogba can sign and help them push for the title then it will be a great signing.

The 3rd thing that’s caught my eye this week is the clearing of Liverpool Defender Sakho. The poor guy! Gets suspended for failing a drugs test then gets cleared by UEFA just after his Nation get into the Euro final, so he managed to miss the whole tournament and Liverpools Europa League final. Have to say it’s been shockingly handled by UEFA but to be honest I expect nothing less! I hope now he can put it behind him and become a main player in the Liverpool team this season. With him they look a lot more solid and could help them gain a Champions League spot.

What’s been good in the FM Community this week?

Wow where do I start, suddenly there has been a huge influx of amazing FM Blogs. I haven’t really been in the loop lately until I listened to TheDeepLyingPodcast. They always have an amazing community section at the end so whilst on a boring shift at work I went mad and read tonnes of blogs and found some absolute gems. Now I can’t go through them all but here are a few that you really should take a look at:


There’s only one place I can start and that’s with the Strikerless god. His new series on https://strikerless.com/ is called Emulating La Masia. He released the first post on July 3rd and has now a grand total of 5 posts out so I emplore you to go take a read, here is a link to his first post https://strikerless.com/2016/07/03/emulating-la-masia-01-setting-up-your-own-conveyor-belt-of-talent/. The guy is an absolute genius, his writing style is probably the best around l, it’s not just a good read though it’s helpful and insightful and gives you things to think about.


I only found this on Saturday morning but it looks fantastic. FMPressure is taking charge of Spanish club Villarreal where he is sticking to some rigid rules of not buying players over 24 unless available on a bosman, relying on his scouting team and a few more rules. You have to go take a read: https://fmpressure.com/2016/07/05/villarreal-introduction/. This is a link to the opening post, there is also a 2nd part which had just been released.


Another new series where Chris (Occasional Football Manager) is taking charge of Aberdeen but with an edited Scottish database expanding the SPL to 16 teams. It’s a really good read and with the different Scottish structure it is unique. Here is a link to the opening post https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/19467704/posts/1081303088, there is a 2nd post out as well. You definitely should go take a read.

There are many more but I would be here hours writing about them, next weeks episode will take you through a few more.

Now onto YouTube videos, firstly I have to say that there hasn’t been much activity in my sub box lately. The majority of the series’ that I have followed have completely stopped. The likes of Foxinthebox and CompletelyChaz have moved over to streaming. FMU is taking a break and then people such as WorstFMManager and others have other things going on which means rhey don’t upload very often. I do miss all of them but understand that sometimes there are more important things in life.

So what good have I seen on YouTube?

BustTheNet – His videos are quite sporadic at the mo but when he releases a new one I’m always straight on it. Currently in his 4th season with Torino, Rashidi is one of the best people around when it comes to delievering videos and describing his tactical ideas. He is an inspiration when it comes to creating tactics. It is definitely one you should watch and if you get time go and check out the whole Torino series and his series with Kingstonian

Here is a link to his latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdJJXZ9_7-A

RichonTwitch_TV – Yes it says Twitch but he is currently RichonTwitchandYoutube! He is currently coming to the end of his 2nd season on his English Journeyman save with York City in the National League and is doing really well. His delivery in his videos is second to none and deserves a lot more views and likes than he currently gets so go take a look.

Here is a link to his latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or9rc-Idqws

TheNorthman – Formally the front man of FMCentral Paul is a good friend of mine and a very good help in the community as a whole. He now has his own YouTube channel where he doesn’t just do FM videos but others such as City Skylines which I totally suck at! He is currently doing an FM save with St Mirren in the Scottish Championship and is playing it in “Hard Mode” where he is leaving all the hiring and firing to his backroom team. 

Here is a link to his latest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhXP_eUDIXU

Hopefully next week I’ll have a few more other video content creators to bring you but YouTube for me is very slow at the moment.

So that brings us to the end of this weekly update. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

If you have any feedback or tips to make these updates better or something you feel I can add to it then please comment below or speak to me in Twitter.


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