Guys I have bad new


The Wick save which I was really really enjoying has a bug

I got to the end of the season and there was an issue with promotion play off into SPFL2, the dates screwed up and the game randomly picked one of the winner of the highland/lowland league to play the SPFL2 bottom team.

I have spoken to the person who made the database and it isn’t a fault by himself but a reported fault to SI which they have admitted has been causing issues.

So once again I have to stop! I’m absolutely gutted, ive spent the best part of the past 48 hours playing the season, I had 3 blog posts written out to put up over the next few days and it was all a total waste of time.

I just want to apologise, I’m not one for constantly starting new saves but over the past few weeks I’ve posted about way too many. That’s why when I started this one I didn’t want to release the first post until I knew it was 100% for me. Well it definitely was for me, just a shame the game screwed me over with a stupid bug.

I won’t be doing another blog now until FM17, I’m not going to waste your time writing blog posts for something to let you down by having to stop because of something that is out of my control.

I will start a new save but it will be updates on Twitter and on my website but my blog will definitely come back for FM17 that’s for sure

Once again I’m really really sorry



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