Lealtad 21/22 Season – Hero Part 7

So its come to my attention I have been doing this Hero thing wrong. I’m not sure why but every time I think of the 6 hero achievements on Steam I automatically think of Germany, but Germany isn’t one of them, its actually France. Thanks to a reader who commented on here for the info. So I have a choice, Keep Germany and add France, or remove Germany and do the 6 with France instead. I’m thinking I may do the 7 now but we will see.

On a final note before I start my latest update, I have decided to take a small break from this save, its not that I’m not enjoying it, I really am but I have a really good save with Leicester that I did on the Beta version that I want to continue and also I have my recently started Hinckley AFC save. I seriously can’t keep 3 up so the Hero challenge will take a back seat until my Leicester save dies a death. There will be an article coming up either tonight or tomorrow about my Leicester save and I will be blogging about it. My Hinckley save is purely Twitter based so follow me and watch my journey @thatfmregen. I hope everyone understands, I took some advice off fellow twitter friends and decided this was the best course of action.

So this is my 7th season on the Hero Challenge, and my 6th with CD Lealtad, we are doing really well but I really feel this has to be my last season before I move on, but for that to happen I need to win promotion to La Liga, last seasons 12th position was disappointing but I felt I had pinpointed my issue, I was signing too many players and it was taking nearly half a season for everyone to gel. So this season will be different, I still need a few players, but it will be more than likely 4 or 5, not 9 or 10. I desperately need a proper LB, a new CB is needed as is a CM.

I really feel if I can add a couple to my squad then we have a good chance of the play-offs, the league is tough, there are some big teams in here i.e Mallorca, Tenerife, Real Santander to name a few. But if we can start well then I have faith we can do it.

So I went abut signing some new players and in the end signed 5, 3 on frees and 2 on loan

Signing 1 – Mossa, signed on a free, he looks good and can play in CB or LB so will add good depth to the squad


Signing 2 – Equizabal was on loan with us last season and after a really good season I had to sign him, as he was out of contract I got him on a free


Signing 3 – Herr will be my first choice left back and looks pretty decent, signed on a pre-contract deal from Stuttgart


Loan 1 – Abraham comes in on a season long from Real Betis, he will provide good competition to ever reliable Nierga


Loan 2 – Alvaro Moreno signed on a season long loan from Real Valladolid, a really decent CB and can pick a pass as well. He will provide good ball playing skills which is much needed


So that’s it, yes I only signed 5 players!! And my squad looks good again, hopefully they can gel quickly and we can start the season well


The Domestic Season – Copa Del Rey

There isn’t much to say about this, we entered in at the 2nd round stage and were drawn against Recreativo at home and played terribly, we lost the game 2-0 and to be honest it could have been worse. Hopefully this wasn’t a sign of things to come

copa del rey

Liga Adelante

So here we go, this is it, once again the board expectations are low, they expect a mid-table finish, but I want a lot more than that, play-offs are a minimum for me.

The season started ok, after 8 games we had won 3, drew 3 and lost 2. Not a great start but we were already in and around the play-offs spot. Real Madrid Castilla were also there and as they cant go up it looked like 7th place may get a play-off spot. We then went on an amazing run, 8 wins, 1 draw 1 defeat from the next 10 and after that we sat at the top of the league. What became apparent was there were going to be a lot of teams challenging up there, at the half way point of the season we sat in 2nd place, but there ware only 4 points separating the top 7 teams (one of them being Castlla). In the 2nd half of the season we never really strung a good run together, but then nether did anyone else, we never dropped out of the top 3 or 4 and sat top for numerous weeks, with 4 games left we sat 2nd 3 points clear of 3rd, could we do it?

Well we tried to make a mess of it, we lost to 5th place Almeria at home, then drew 3rd place Albacete 4-4 away after being 4-1 up. We went into the penultimate game knowing a win would see us promoted. We played 9th place Recreativo at home, only a win would do and win we did, a 2-0 win and WE ARE UP! Amazing, absolutely amazing, what an achievement

We then went into the final game of the season top of league knowing a win would see us champions. we were away to Alcorcon who themselves needed to win to get a play-off spot. 2nd place Las Palmas played Lugrones at home, they were always going to win so we knew only a win would do. We managed to lose the game 1-0, no idea how as we absolutely battered them, Las Palmas won 3-0 so we had to settle for 2nd, the title would have been great and I was disappointed to throw it away in the final game but we had been promoted and that’s all that mattered!

We had done it!!!! And that is my first hero achievement, or so you would think, yes that’s right as I mentioned in my opening post Steam never seem to give you hero achievements when you get them. So I cant show you a screenshot of the achievement being gained but you all know I went from the bottom division to the top so that is my 1st of 6 (or 7) complete!


What an incredible achievement, and with that I am leaving to pastures new, as mentioned this save will pause and when I come back in a months time I will go in search of a new job.

But before that I should show you some of the end of season stats


Abraham was fantastic all season and definitely kept Neirga on his toes, Nierga when he played was fantastic scoring 11 in 18 league games. Goal of the season was by a Centre Back!

So there you have it, what a season and what a way to sign off from Lealtad, its been an amazing journey for the 6 seasons I have been here, here are a couple of screenshots of my stats and achievements with Lealtad

manager statslealtad statspromotions

I have really enjoyed the 6 years here and am really excited to move on, I will speak to you in a month or so when I return to this challenge, let me assure you this challenge is not dead and I give you my word it will continue.

Keep an eye out for a new blog article in the next day or so about my Leicester save

Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing in the journey of my quest to become the “Ultimate Hero”



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