The Ultimate Hero – The Beginning

Good evening all and welcome to my first FM16 post and a new challenge.

Now the FM16 Beta version is out and I have to say it is brilliant I really wanted to get going on writing some new posts. You will have seen about a week or so ago I wrote an article covering what my plans were for FM16, but I have decided to do a bit of a different challenge to start with. The reason for this is I was going to start with the Pentagon Challenge but there already seems to be a lot of people I follow on Twitter and YouTube already doing that so I will leave that particular challenge to a later date.

So the challenge, I have always tried (and mainly failed) to get the “Hero” achievements which you gain when you take a club from the lowest division in a nation to the highest. A word of warning on this though, I have done some of these a few times, mainly on FM14 and FM15 and have never actually got the achievement on Steam but as long as I’m blogging and you can see I have done it then that’s great! My aim is to complete all 6 Hero achievements over the course of 1 save on FM16, this will be done on FM Touch (the old FM Classic).

The 6 nations where you can gain this achievement are:

England, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Italy and Brazil

If I gain all 6 of these then I will regard myself as “The Ultimate Hero”

My manager will start with “Semi-Professional” reputation and will start unemployed. I will then holiday until I get a job from a club in the lowest division of that particular nation. I won’t be starting in England as this is the nation that has the most divisions and therefore will take the longest, England will probably get left until last.

So the journey starts now! I hope you will all enjoy this challenge, I hope it’s a little different to the challenges I have done before. This one should give me scope to build a team up over a few years, which on my previous challenges I haven’t done as I have moved pretty quickly from club to club. The Hero challenge will force me to stay at one club until I have got them to the highest division in that country.

My aim is to concentrate on bringing through players from the youth team and also trying to sign only the relevant nations players, so if I’m in Scotland then I will try to sign only Scottish players, to do this I have set myself a target of signing no more than 2 non-national players each season and I can only have a maximum of 8 non-national players in my squad. I may alter this over time and decrease the number in my squad but I think 8 is a good start. Obviously the starting squad when I take a job may have more than 8 but I will attempt to sell some as soon as I can. Hopefully this little element to it may make it a little harder and also a little more interesting.

So there you have it, where will I go first?

It took until Mid-October to be offered a non-English job and it came in the form of Hallescher FC of the German 3rd Division. I had to accept as it was just taking way to long to get a job. Hallescher are currently bottom of the league so this is going to be tough. Here is a little bit about the club


1 2 3 4

So the challenge is on, we are bottom but a media prediction of 8th means we have a decent chance of surviving and then pushing on. The club has a decent sized ground for this level which with some decent attendances should bring some money in.

The squad itself looks ok as well and morale is surprisingly high for a team bottom of the league


I will hopefully employ a 41221 tactic which is by far my preferred tactic on FM.

So that’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed reading, my next update will be at the end of the season. Lets hope we can beat the drop!

Thanks for reading. If you would like to see any in particular or have any comments for me please either leave them on here or message me via Twitter @thatfmregen


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Hero – The Beginning”

  1. Halle should do ok mate, quite a decent size club for that level if my #JenaJourney memory serves me correctly – check out Luz who plays for Carl Zeiss Jena, and Tino Schmidt, Geisler and Berbig – all good players that stayed with me until Bundesliga!


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