My FM16 Plans

Its been a long time since I wrote anything on here, after my Pentagon/Stranraer save I have tried to steer clear of FM15 to get myself in some mood for when FM16 is released.

So I thought while I have a few hours free from work and baby I’d write a little article on my plans for FM16 and the Beta

FM16 Beta

If you follow me on Twitter then you will know around 3 or 4 weeks ago I set up a Strawpoll to decide on my FM16 Beta save. My ideas for the clubs where ones I have an affinity with and also a few that were recommended by fellow Twitter friends. The vote came in as follows:


So Leicester City won by a mile, in some ways I’m delighted by this as they are my team, I have a season ticket and know everything about the players, staff and club, but also I’m scared shitless, I don’t like playing in the Premiership in general from the start of a save as I find it so hard to do well. But I’m going to do it and I can’t wait! Hoping by next Thursday I will be seeing Vardy and Mahrez destroying Premiership defences like they are in real life!

FM16 Proper

So that’s my idea for the Beta but what will I be doing when the game comes out properly on November 13th. Well that weekend is kinda tough for me as I’m working solidly but I have numerous ideas of saves to do during the 12 months of FM16, and here are those ideas!

Pentagon Challenge   


If you followed my blog during FM15 you will know I had a great Pentagon Challenge save, I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to do it again, but this time I wont be using FM Classic (or FM Touch as its called now) but I will use full fat mode! This will mean the save will be more in-depth and won’t be as quick, seasons will take longer and will mean I have to put more into it and not just click Instant Result!

I don’t have a journey planned, but my thoughts are to start in Africa, them move to North America/Asia, then South America and finish in Europe but that could easily change depending on job offer.

I will be starting with the lowest reputation and probably with no badges but I know from experience how hard it is to get a job so that may change but we will see.

I will definitely be blogging about this save on here season by season so stay tuned.

AFC Hinckley

2062002163 Hinckley Home

Hinckley are a team really close to my heart, my Uncle is an ex-Chairman of theirs and also I lived in Hinckley for a while. I know all about their problems where in 2013 they were declared bankrupt, thrown out of the Southern Premier and the supporters created a new club for the 14/15 season where they start in the Midland League Division One.

I had an amazing save with Hinckley in Fm15 where I lead them to 9 promotions in 10 seasons and in 15 seasons I had won the Premier League. One issue I had with the save was at the start I had no realism as the players weren’t the genuine ones, I’m hoping this time around (with a little help from some official Hinckley friends) I will be able to use the editor and create the real life AFC Hinckley team, it will take some doing so I expect to start this either December or January.

I wont blog this save, instead I will do updates via my Twitter (@thatfmregen), this will include monthly result/table updates and tweets that automatically come from the game, I will also tweet with new signings and awards news, etc

 The Alphabet Challenge 


I did this save on FM15 and loved it, but when I got to Israel my game crashed and I lost nearly 5 seasons and didn’t have the motivation to start it again. I really want to do this save again and hopefully complete it!

This save with be done on FM Touch, if what SI say is true I will be able to play this via cross-compatibility on both my Laptop and Tablet, this means while I’m bored at work on Weekends and Nights I can continue my save and blast my way through the leagues.

As I don’t know much as to the working of FM Touch I need to investigate it further before delving into the save so this may not start until the New Year (maybe before/maybe after/maybe during my Hinckley save).

Like the Pentagon Save I will start with the lowest reputation, I will only use the normal countries that are in the default version of FM16, this means no extra league downloads  I will do what I did last time and go through each letter at a time. I can go to any country based in that letter but need to complete all of “A” before I go to “B”. The aim is to win each top division then move to the next country.

This is another save that I will be blogging about so stay tuned

So that’s my plans for FM16, I’m sure I will do some other saves as we go along but I’ll see how quickly do each save/

Thanks for reading, if you have any ideas or thoughts for me then please comment on here or message me via Twitter


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