2034/35 – A New Venture Part 1

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the latest post in my FM15 adventure.

If you had read my previous post you will know that I have just complete the Pentagon Challenge, if not then I suggest you take a read of my final post here: https://fmregen.wordpress.com/2015/09/09/2033-corinthians-part-2/

I had a few ideas of what to do after this, but I really wanted to continue with this save and with my current manager. My aim is to top the Worldwide Hall of Fame, I’m currently 8th as you will see below so it may take a while


Ignore the 7th place, that was where I ended in my Alphabet Challenge save!

Now to what I’m going to do next. I wanted to see if any team had been the subject of a Tycoon Takeover. To do this I used a program called FMRTE, on this you can use the club search to see if anyone has a “Foreground” Sugar Daddy. When I did this I was surprised that there were quite a few. Once I knew the teams I went back onto my game to see when these takeovers had happened, here is what I found:

Stoke City (Championship) – Tycoon Takeover 3rd July 2033

Sunderland (Championship) – Tycoon Takeover 30th June 2033

Boreham Wood (Conference) – Tycoon Takeover 30th June 2033

Stranraer (Scottish League 1) – Tycoon Takeover 8th November 2033

Now as I didn’t want to start with a new manager I have to wait until one of these clubs are looking for a manager then I’ll apply and see if I get the job.

It took until the Summer of 2034 before any of these 4 teams needed a manager, and what an offer it was!


Stranraer had offered me the job, what an amount of money to spend as well! For a lower league Scottish team that was just ridiculous! So I wanted to see how they had done in the 33/34 season and even though they had received a Tycoon mid-season they had ended bottom of League 1

lge 1

This is an offer I couldn’t refuse. Not only would I have an awesome challenge with plenty of money to turn the club around but being in the bottom division meant I could add an extra Steam Achievement in the form of “Scottish Hero”. You get this for getting a team from the bottom division into the top division. I am pretty confident I can achieve this.

The Club

So I accepted and went about assessing the club as a whole. Staff wise was not good so I immediately sacked my Assistant Manager, Chief Scout and Head Physio and re-appointed better ones (although still not massively good!)

The clubs finances look amazing, we have a bank balance of £20m but this is expected to deteriorate due to the lack of income we receive, hopefully as we move up the leagues and gain more exposure this will increase. For now the predicted balance at the end of the 34/35 season is £5m but as I have a tycoon I’m sure they will add money if I need it.

Here are a few more screenshots of what I have to deal with:


One of the first things I did after seeing this was to try to get some of the facilities improved. The board accepted improvements to both the Youth and Training Facilities which would be a massive help in the long run. I asked them to relay the pitch but they said no!


I will be using my tried and tested 442 tactic, this is perfect for Stranraer as for a lower league teams it needs to be simple but effective.

1 2 3


This may be a little but long-winded as I went on a crazy transfer spree. With £8m transfer and £180k wages available to me I could make massive improvements to the squad, and seeing as the squad was absolutely atrocious I really needed to sign as many players as I could. And here is a list of all my signings. This includes a few I have also signed in January:


Seeing as there are so many I wont do my usual thing of a screenshot of each one, instead I’ll just tell you a bit about each one.

Ross Wilson

Position – CB/RB

Age – 25

Decent Attributes – Marking (15), Determination (16), Positioning (15), Teamwork (17), Natural Fitness (17)

Poor Attributes – Pace (4), Heading (7), Jumping (5)

Connor McGregor

Position – CM/LM

Age – 24

Decent Attributes – Leadership (17), Acceleration (15), Work Rate (11), Determination (15)

Poor Attributes – Tackling (5), Strength (5), Positioning (5)

Michael Williamson

Position – CM/AM

Age – 23

Decent Attributes – Natural Fitness (16), Technique (13), Vision (12), Decisions (11)

Poor Attributes – Bravery (1), Teamwork (1)

Kyle Edwards

Position – RB

Age – 20

Decent Attributes – Acceleration (16), Pace (15), Work Rate (13), Agility, Balance (14)

Poor Attributes – Positioning (5), Off the Ball (4), Concentration (4)

Luke Morris

Position – CB

Age – 23

Decent Attributes – Determination (19), Strength (13), Tackling (11), Jumping Reach (14)

Poor Attributes – Teamwork (3), Pace (7)

Yakubu Njoku

Position – ST

Age – 24

Decent Attributes – Finishing (11), Acceleration (14), Strength (11), Flair (14), Off the Ball (13)

Poor Attributes – Passing (3), Stamina (7), Work Rate (5)

Scott Donaldson

Position – RM/CM/ST

Age – 18

Decent Attributes – Crossing (11), Dribbling (12), Stamina (13), Determination (16)

Poor Attributes – Finishing (5), Anticipation (5), Pace (7)

Scott Lennon

Position – LM

Age – 20

Decent Attributes – Corners (14), Dribbling (15), Free Kicks (14), Bravery (15), Determination (17)

Poor Attributes – Positioning (4). Tackling (4), Passing (5)

Bill McDonald

Position – LB

Age – 23

Decent Attributes – Tackling (16), Marking (14), Long Throws (14), Work rate (14)

Poor Attributes – Crossing (3), Pace (8), Off the Ball (5)

Greg Hughes

Position – CB

Age – 24

Decent Attributes – Heading (13), Marking (13), Tackling (14), Bravery (17), Work Rate (15)

Poor Attributes – Concentration (6), Jumping Reach (9)

Craig Campbell

Position – CM

Age – 23

Decent Attributes – First Touch (13), Technique (15), Determination (18), Anticipation (14)

Poor Attributes – Passing (6), Tackling (5)

Alan Curran

Position – LM

Age – 22

Decent Attributes – Technique (14), Crossing (11), Dribbling (12), First Touch (14)

Poor Attributes – Strength (7), Teamwork (4)

Simon Worsfold

Position – GK

Age – 22

Decent Attributes – Handling (10), Communication (11), Reflexes (10), Jumping Reach (18)

Poor Attributes – Kicking (6), One on Ones (7)

Louis Simpson

Position – DM/CM

Age – 24

Decent Attributes – First Touch (12), Stamina (15), Leadership (19), Technique (15), Tackling (13)

Poor Attributes – Pace (7), Heading (8)

Michael Hurst

Position – CB

Age – 21

Decent Attributes – Heading (14), Tackling (16), Work Rate (11), Stamina (12)

Poor Attributes – Off the Ball (2), Agility (7), Concentration (4)

Scott Williams

Position – RM

Age – 23

Decent Attributes – Natural Fitness (17), Stamina (13), Acceleration (15), Balance (14)

Poor Attributes – Teamwork (4), Vision (5), Tackling (1)

Paul Fylksjo

Position – ST/LM

Age – 23

Decent Attributes – Finishing (14), Balance (14), Flair (15), Teamwork (15)

Poor Attributes – Passing (3), Bravery (1), Determination (4)

So signings complete, its been a tough ride with signings, I have gone from looking at players with amazing attributes to trying to pick out the ones that have anything above 10 or 11!

To show you how we fare in comparison to the rest of the league here is the team comparison page. As you can see we look really good, apart from Aggression which I’m not overly concerned about


The Domestic Season – Cups

We do have quite a few cups to play in so I’ll keep this as short as possible!

Petrofac Training Cup

We were knocked out in the 1st Round against Championship side Dunfermline. We gave them a really good game going 2-0 up by half-time, in the end we couldn’t hang on and their dominance paid off as they came back to win 3-2


Scottish League Cup

We went a little bit better in this competition. In the 1st Round we played Championship side Airdrie and managed to beat them 2-1


We then played Premiership side Hearts, and we ended up losing the game 2-1 but I was delighted with how we played and showed we could have a great season.


William Hill Scottish Cup

We played and scraped past Highland league team Fraserburgh in the 1st Round


We then played League One side Stirling at Home and we ended up losing the game 2-1, I was disappointed as I felt we could have and should won the game


So short runs in all the cups, but as a League Two team I never expected to get very far. My main aim is to get promoted!

The Domestic Season – Scottish League Two

As you will have seen earlier in the post we are predicted to end 2nd in the League. To be honest with all the new additions we have and also we probably have the strongest squad in the league I really should be winning the League. Anything else in my eyes will be a failure.

The board expect us to qualify for the play-offs which means a position between 2nd and 4th. These 3 teams will play games to decide who plays a 2 legged final against the team that ends 9th in League One, That winner will be in League One next season.

We started the season really well and went on from there. We were superb all the way through and with 12 games to go we found ourselves an amazing 20 points clear! The next game wrapped up the expected play-off spot and it wasn’t long after this that the title and promotion was secured!


We broke all kinds of records on the way to the title. Most games unbeaten (32), Most wins in a row (8), Record points (91) and Record goals scored (91)

Here is how the table ended:


And here are the end of season awards.

Firstly Player of the Year went to Left Winger Sean Lennon, a fantastic season for one of my new signings

poty lennon

We also had 6 players in the team of the year.


An amazing season, I fully expected to win the league but not by such a margin. I really hope we can continue this into League One. We need to add new, better quality players to the squad and the board have given me some awesome budgets to do this


We have around £44k spare wages so I may transfer some of the Transfer budget over to add a bit more. Obviously I have signed a lot of players at the start of the 34/35 season but I may sell a few of the ones who didn’t play or perform as well to make room for some higher quality players. I expect we will have the ability to entice better players.

One final note is the board decided to upgrade the Training Facilities again at a cost of £1.8m, they also decided to relay the pitch!

I really hope you enjoyed the new update. I am really enjoying this, a Tycoon save is something I’ve never done before. Please drop me any comments you have either on here or via Twitter @thatfmregen and drop me a follow on the right hand side of the page

Thanks for reading!


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