2030/31 – Man City Part 4, is this our year?

Good evening all and welcome back to my latest update on my quest to complete the Pentagon Challenge

3 down (Asia, Africa and North America), only 2 to go in Europe and South America, my time at Manchester City has been amazing but I’m now getting impatient and want to win this Champions League. When I arrived I set myself 2 goals.

1 – Win the Premier League in 3 seasons

2 – Win the Champions League in 5

The 1st one I achieved as I won the Premier League last season, the 2nd one should be achieved in the time frame I set, we have a good squad and with some additions I feel confident of a CL title push this season which will mean I complete my aim a season early. Its going to be tough but we did well last season getting to the semi final and I’m really confident we can do it.

Transfers In/Out

As mentioned at the end of the previous post the board had given me (after adjustments) £48m to spend on transfers. With the depth of squad I already had I didn’t really need to buy too many players. I needed a new CM who had decent tackling and strength as all my CMs seemed to have >10 in both departments. I also needed a new CB as I decided to give Timothy Fosu-Mensah a free transfer. I mentioned on my previous article that Marcos Lopes has also decided to move to PSG on a pre-contract deal but instead of replacing him with a new transfer I promoted Lee Nelson to the 1st team.

I managed to fill both transfers with the following:

Signing 1 – Cidimar was the perfect fit for my Central Midfield and can also play as AM. He cost me £22m from Sao Paolo


Signing 2 – Samuel Adam-Outattara will provide good competition at CB, his physical attributes are really good. He was another costly signing at £25m from Atletico Madrid. And that was my budget gone!


The I received a bid for one of my players that I literally couldn’t refuse, if it was from a Premier League club I’d have thought twice but as it was PSG and not providing domestic competition I had to accept!

jiminez bid

Jimenez is one of my better players but an offer of £62m was stupid and I knew I could replace him for a lot less. I did have to replace him though so had a quick look and snapped this guy up:

Pintado – I stole him my enemies Manchester United, he did cost me £39.5m but I felt it was worth it and he was nearly as good as Jimenez


So after that my squad was ready for another crack at the Champions League and Premier League. I’ve tried to stick to the philosophy of bringing in Youth players and have promoted a couple in


Capital One Cup

Board Expectation – Not Important

My Expectation – As last season, play reserves and see how we get on

I like winning this competition, I feel it always gives us momentum heading into the end of the season so I wanted to win this if we could but wouldn’t risk my main 1st teamers. We ended up having a very good campaign.

In the first couple of rounds we were given tough games but managed to get past them both with ease

coc 1

In the next few rounds we played really well, the reserves were doing amazing and after a 2 leg win over Southampton we were into the final where we played Premier League Wigan

coc 2

The final ended up being a breeze and we had won our 1st trophy of the season! But lets hope it’s not the last!

coc final

FA Cup

Board Expectation – Semi Final

My Expectation – Win It

After last seasons shambles of losing to Liverpool in the 3rd Round I wanted to win this more than ever. I played a full strength team throughout and it worked as we breezed our way into the semi-final. The only stumbling block was we needed a replay to get past Swansea in the Quarter Final

fa cup 1

Next up was the Semi Final and revenge was in order, yes we had Liverpool to play. It was a tight, cagey affair but we managed to get through winning 2-1

facup semi

The final looked a lot easier on paper, we had West Brom but never take anything likely! West Brom started terribly and after 15 mins were down to 10 men, after then we absolutely battered them, the final result…

fa cup final

Yes 6-0! And with that our 2nd trophy of the season! But come on lads lets not stop there we still have 2 trophies to play for

The Premier League

Board Expectation – Title Challenge

My Expectation – Win It

There are no others words for this than WHAT A SEASON! We started like a train, but then again so did Chelsea. For the whole season it was neck and beck between us but Chelsea always had the upper hand, their hand was even more strengthened when they beat us at their place 2-0 and then with 12 games to go they drew us at our place 3-3.

With 6 games to go it was just getting silly, we had gone on a 19 game unbeaten run but this is how the top 2 looked

32 games

Then the unthinkable happened, Chelsea Lost!!!!! To Fulham away 3-1, a massive shock but we had to capitalise, we were the Sunday game and we had Arsenal at Home, could we hold our nerve? Yes we could!! We won 3-2 and we were ahead of Chelsea for the first time since game 11.

After that we carried on our run, we did have an easy run-in but every game was a nervy one as we kept nicking games 1-0 and 2-1. With 1 game to go the top 2 looked like this:

game 37

In the last game we had Reading (8th) Away and Chelsea had Southampton (4th) at Home. We knew all we had to do was better Chelsea’s result  In the end Chelsea drew their game and we won ours 3-1 and we had done it, our 2nd League title in a row! And also a record points total. What amazes me is the points, Chelsea 2nd with 93 and Man Utd 3rd with 81! I remember a save on FM13 where I won the Premier League with Leicester with 68 points! Crazy but I’m glad we ended first as I’d have been gutted to come 2nd with that total of points!


Champions League

Board Expectation – Quarter Final

My Expectation – Try and win it!

So 3 trophies down, could we make it a clean sweep?

Well it started well, when the group draw came through I found out we were seeded 3rd (previously it had been 4th). But we still needed some luck in missing out on some of the big teams. The draw, like last season was kind. We had drawn Bayern so that was going to be tough but we also had Roma and Ludogorets. I was confident of getting through the group stage.

We did really well in the end and managed to top the group. We won 4 and drew 2, our best result being the 6-2 demolition of Bayern at Home

cl group results cl group

So we had topped the group and we were given a pretty decent draw in the 1st Knockout Round in the form of FC Porto.

The 1st leg would be away and although I was confident I knew it would be tough, we managed to lose the game 2-1, we started terrible and although we played better in the 2nd half we could only claw 1 goal back

cl ko leg 1

All we had to do in the 2nd leg was keep it tight, we only needed 1 goal and we would be through. At half time it was 2-0 to us and we were going through, then Porto scored to make the tie level, we managed to score our 3rd on 68 mins. In true FM style we then decided to turn into a bunch of clowns. I tried to take control of the game but Porto streamed forward and with 2 mins to go the unthinkable happened. Porto had scored. I had 2 mins to save my campaign, we tried our hardest but couldn’t do it and we were out on away goals

cl ko leg 2

Devastated is an understatement as to how I felt, how could we have thrown it away after leading at half-time. I really thought this would be our season but in the end we just couldn’t do it. Maybe next season we will remember this and not do it again!

Overall the season was a success, we exceeded expectations in 3 of 4 competitions, but we didn’t achieve my main aim. But like I said at the start I had a 5 year plan to win the CL and this is year 4 so to achieve what I set out we have to win it next season

End of Season Awards

A few end of season Premier League awards for you

For the 3rd season in a row I won the Manager of the Year award.

Left Winger Sam Hofman won the PFA Player of the Year award, he was amazing all season.

hofamn poty

hofman stats

We also had 4 players in the Team of the Year.


So on to the next season. The board have given us £37m to spend with £250k of spare wage budget. I don’t really feel I need to strengthen too much. I am losing my versatile FB/WG Pione Sisto as he is retiring so may need to replace him. I am also expecting continued bids for my bigger named players as per last season, I may sell but only if I can replace them for an equal and for less money.

I also feel that the squad is good enough for a CL title push, this season was a shock but on any other day we could have and should have won that match. It wont force me to make wholesale changes just a few extra to bolster what I already have

Thanks for reading everyone!


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