2027/28 – Manchester City – The Comeback is on!

Good morning all and welcome to my latest update in my quest to complete the Pentagon Challenge

As you will know from my last update I had decided after a lot of deliberation to leave Velez in Argentina and take on the challenge of Manchester City. This went away from my idea to win the Copa Libertadores then move to Europe and win the UEFA Champions League. The reason for this? Manchester City were in dire straits languishing near the bottom of the Premier League. It was a challenge I couldn’t turn down!

I took over Man City when they had 7 games of the 26/27 season left, I wont go into much detail about this, just to say we survived! When I took over they were 18th, by the time the season had finished we had ended 16th winning 4 and losing 3 of our remaining games.

So the challenge was on! I had to get them back to previous glories as soon as possible, it was going to be tough but I knew I could do it. My aim was for the 27/28 season was to stabilise, remove some of the high earners, and to attempt to win a trophy whilst qualifying for the Champions League which meant a top 4 finish.

To do this I needed money. The board had given me £17m to spend on transfers when I arrived and I went about spending this straight the way. I spent this and then when the season finished the board gave me another £16m to spend. I also made a point of removing some of the rubbish players. One thing I did decide to do which was a wrench was to sell Midfielder Sergi Samper, maybe one of my better players, but the guy was on £235k a week and I really couldn’t afford to keep him. I sold him to Arsenal for £2.6m, it may sound a bad deal but I needed to reduce the wage bill. All in all I sold £15m of players, making my overall budget around £50m.

I spent nearly all if it, but on players that would really improve the team. 1 or 2 CBs were definitely needed, a replacement for Samper was needed, also a LB, LW and Striker was imperative.

Here are my signings:

Signing 1 – This guy was a great signing, he will be my 1st choice LB for the season, a £2m purchase from Tottenham


Signing 2 – A solid CB and at 23 years old I hope he will be around for a while. He was signed from Santos for £5.25m


Signing 3 – My replacement for Samper, he may be old but will add experience to a quite young midfield. Signed from America (MEX) for £3.2m


Signing 4 – My 2nd CB and will provide good competition, signed from Everton for £5.5m


Signing 5 – At £10m this guy may seem like a lot of money, but my god he was amazing, he was signed as my back-up Striker and also one for the future but ended up as my 1st choice. Signed from Liverpool


Signing 6 – I decided at the last minute to sign a Goalkeeper, Ben Garrett, my first choice was good but I needed someone even better and with the budgets I had I could splash out. Signed from Palmeiras for £9.5m


And finally, Signing 7, This guy is an absolute sensation. Signed from Southampton for £12.25m he will add pace to my forward line


So after all those signings my squad was complete, we looked a lot lot better than before but £50m was a lot of money. I had put my neck on the line so a good season was imperative. I was confident of a top 4 finish, but I wanted to end higher, we were predicted 9th but I knew we could do better than that!

squad end of season

The League Season

And what a season it was! We defied all odds as we lead the table for large parts of the season, but in the end we couldn’t keep a sustained challenge up and Chelsea ran away with the title. We had done amazingly to end 3rd but after leading for a while it I ended disappointed. I had though in the end achieved my goal of qualifying for the Champions League Group stage


A brilliant season but too many draws was the issue. Also our 4 losses were against Man Utd and Chelsea Home and Away, something I will need to look at next season if we are going to win the title.

The Capital One Cup

I really wanted to win a trophy and the Capital One Cup was our first chance, we played well to progress through the opening rounds and after an easy win against Ipswich in the Semi Final we had sealed ourselves a spot at Wembley

coc1 coc2

Against Manchester United of all teams and in the end we managed to scrape a 3-2 win! A great comeback from 2-1 down. My 1st trophy and I couldn’t be happier! But how could we do in the FA Cup?

coc fina;

The FA Cup

We had another great campaign where we progressed through the opening rounds with ease. Only being challenged against Wolves where I attempted to play a weakened side which nearly proved to be my downfall. But it wasn’t and we got through to the Semi Final, where we would meet Liverpool. A tight game?

facup 1

Hell no! We absolutely destroyed them! That man Fleming scoring 4 in a 7-1 rout. We were into our 2nd final of the season, but it was going to be tough. We had Chelsea, fresh from winning the Premier League. Could we do it?

fa cup semi

Errrr no we couldn’t. We fell short losing 2-1. I was annoyed but heartened by the performance. We had given them a much tougher game than in the league campaign.

fa cup final

So a great season, a 3rd place finish in the league, a Champions League spot, my first trophy and an FA Cup final. Overall I was happy and knew we could do even better next season. Then the budgets came in and they were disappointing to say the least!

budgets 1

£7.78m?? How low is that! I did however make a bit of money by selling a couple of clauses I had on players that had left and managed to add £4m to the budget. Its not enough but I don’t really need to strengthen massively.

Then some more news came through. John Carver, our Assistant Manager was retiring!


How can I replace the best coach in the world?? Well I decided to sign a Manchester City legend in Pablo Zabaleta to replace him.


So to the end of season awards and we managed to win 2 awards. Firstly the Manager of the Season went to me!

Secondly, that man Michael Fleming won the young player of the year. He is looking like an absolute steal at £10m!


And here are Fleming’s stats, what a fantastic season he had

fleming stats

We also had 4 players in the Team of the Year, 3 of the back 4 being our players


So there you have it, my first season down with Manchester City and a huge improvement on what has happened before me. Hopefully next season we push on, maybe get to the Knockout round of the Champions League and push Chelsea a bit harder for the league title.

Thanks for reading everyone. I welcome any feedback whether good or bad either on here or via Twitter @thatfmregen


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