2027 – A quick update

Hello everyone, this is rather an impromptu update just to tell you what has been going on in the Pentagon Challenge

As you will know from my previous article I was in Chile but after I found a bug in the league, I won the closing stage and the rules stated that the closing stage winner qualified for the Copa Libertadores Group Stage but when the season finished we didn’t and the team that did has ended 10th!

So after this I decided to remove the league and find a job in either Argentine or Brazil. A job came around quite quickly when Velez of Argentina offered me a job, they has ended 20th in the league (out of 30) but has won the Argentinian Cup which had qualified them for the Copa Libertadores. We were given a decent budget which we needed as the squad was terrible, the only issue was although we had good budgets the finances overall were very poor

So I started the league campaign very well, the Copa Libertadores also started and in the group we were 2nd, our shortfalls were exposed in an away game to Brazilian team Corinthian were we lost 3-0. Personally it is going to take some magical to beat the top Brazilian teams and also Boca in Argentina and especially with our poor finances strengthening the squad will be a struggle

Then in March, only 3 months after taking the Velez job, an offer came my way which made me re-think what I should be doing


Manchester City wanted me, now you might think that is an amazing offer but I need to show you where Manchester City are at the moment


As you can see in the 21/22 season they were relegated from the Premier League, one hell of a shock as their team at the time was amazing. They did keep the majority of their squad together and smashed the championship to make an immediate return to the Premier League, but as you can see they have still struggled since their return coming 16th and 17th in the 24/25 and 25/26 season respectively. This is how the 26/27 season table looks currently


Sitting in 17th position they are struggling again, with 8 games to go I’m pretty sure they wont go down, especially if I take the job!

It’s an amazing challenge and a great opportunity and after a few chat with some Twitter people I have decided to take the offer.

To me it will add a new dimension to the save, taking a team that used to be title challengers but now relegation candidates back to the top and also try and win the Champions League with them. It is going to be tough but with their finances I do feel that we can

a) win the League within 3 season

b) qualify for the Champions League next season

and c) attempt to win the Champions League within 5 seasons

I will now return to South America once I have won the European Champions League which I’m excited about doing.

I hope everyone understand what I have done, I do feel I need a challenge in this save. With the other teams its been relatively easy to win their respective Continental Competition and I know with Man City I can do it but it is going to take time!

Thanks for reading everyone, if you have any feedback for me please leave it on here or via Twitter @thatfmregen


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