2026 – Into South America we go

Good afternoon all and welcome back to the latest update in the Pentagon Challenge.

As you will know from my previous post I had won the Asian Champions League with Suwon which gave me my 3rd part of the Pentagon Challenge, only Europe and South America to go! I was immediately offered a job in Chile with Universidad de Chile, the offer was amazing, £14.5m transfer budget and the team predicted to be 2st in League.

Unfortunately for Universidad they had ended a miserable 12th in the Opening Stage ( the season is split into an Opening and Closing stage of 17 games, each stage has a semi final and final to decide on Continental spots). So 12th seriously wasn’t good enough and the board gave their manager the chop and appointed me in his place. I knew I had a good chance of turning it around, the money aspect was great but the squad was very thin on the ground, we had 15 players, 5 of which were injured for 2 months or longer. With the Closing Stage starting in 2 weeks I had to go on a rapid transfer hunt, the only issue was the mid-season Transfer Window rules states you can only sign 4 players! I also had the prospect of the Copa Libertadores, we had qualified from the previous season and we entered straight into the group stage but I’ll go through that later on

So who would I need? The main position that was awful was in Central Midfield, we had 1 CM and 1 AM, so I really needed to sign at least 2-3 players who could play in those positions. I also needed an extra Central Defender.

Here are my 4 signings:

Signing 1 – This guy looks really good for this level, I broke the bank for him spending £5m from Queretaro in Mexico. He will mainly play as a CM(S)


Signing 2 – Wow this guy was good and a cheap signing at £1.5m from Huachipato in Chile. He will play as my Shadow Striker


Signing 3 – An experienced CB who cost me £500k from Nice in France. He will provide good competition to the other CBs


And finally Signing 4 – This was a rushed signing at the end, at 34 he wont stay long but again will provide competition in Midfield, he cost me £230k from Mexican side Atlante


So signings complete, the squad looks slightly better but there is a lot of work to do. The league itself isn’t very strong but the Copa Libertadores will be another story, we have to improve to challenge the big boys from Brazil and Argentina.

The League

As mentioned before I took over mid-season, so I had only had the closing stage to play. I needed to win it to make sure we qualify for next season Copa Libertadores.

In the end we had a really good stage, ending unbeaten but only winning it with 2 games left. We had good competition all the way through and too many draws kept it tight. Audax were unbeaten too but lost their final 2 games to slip down to 5th.

closing table

So a really good stage and a stepping stone for next season where I really want to push on!

The Copa Libertadores.

The group stage had pitted us against the mighty Atletico Mineiro from Brazil, we also drew Liga de Quito of Ecuador and Paraguayan side Nacional. I knew we could challenge and get ourselves a top 2 spot to qualify for the 2nd round and we did just that. A 3-1 defeat to Atletico Mineiro was a bad start, but we won the other 5 and in the end we topped the group.

cope lib group cope lib group results

We drew another Paraguayan side in the form of Libertad in the 2nd Round and made light work of them. We drew the away leg 0-0 but thrashed them in the Home le 5-0 to seal our progress, but it was about to get a lot tougher

copa lib 2nd rd

We were drawn in the Quarters again the mighty Boca Juniors, this was going to be tough, we needed to get a lead in the 1st leg at Home and we did just that, we scraped past them 2-1 but ended up getting beat 3-0 in the away leg, it was a valiant effort especially with the squad we have but in the end it wasn’t enough

copa li quarters

So it was a disappointing end to lose but we showed enough signs of improvement t make a better challenge of it next season. One final screenshot which is of my squad at this current time heading into pre-season, it really needs some serious improvement and with a transfer budget of £3m and a wage budget of £60k it is going to be tough


And now to the bad news that has just come through!!

When the season ended and the new season summary came out it turns out I didn’t get a spot in the Copa Libertadores for next season! I’m not sure why as the rules state that the last Closing Stage winner gets a group stage pot, here are the rules:


It clearly says places are allocated and the 1st place is for the last closing stage winner which was ourselves but for some reason no team got a group stage spot and 1 team got a Prelim spot which was Union Espanola, who had ended 10th in the Closing Stage and 7th in the overall table. I’m really confused as to what is going on but there is no point me playing in a league which I think has a bug so I am immediately resigning. I cant see the point in winning the league not knowing if I have qualified for the Copa Lib or not. To me it looks and feels like a bug.

I know the Brazil and Argentine leagues works fine as I’ve played there before, I already have Argentina loaded and will be adding Brazil which will get added in December (its now July)

I’m sorry to mess everyone about but I cant deal with bugs in the game!

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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