2023 – Another New York Update!

Good morning all and welcome back to another, slightly quick update, the reasons will become clear below!

Just a quick recap if you haven’t read the update earlier yesterday, season 3 with New York went as planned and I won my third successive MLS title, unfortunately my main aim of winning the NACL was dashed and I lost in the final to America (MEX). It was a disappointing loss but made me incredibly determined to go that 1 step further in the next campaign.

As you will have read in my previous article the 2022\23 NACL had already started and I had topped my group with 4 wins out of 4 which put us through to the Quarter Finals against Portland Timbers.

I really didn’t want to make too many changes to my squad but had to make sure I had enough strength to compete, this season the MLS would take a back seat as I wanted to go all out for the NACL. I needed a new right back and a had to buy a new goalkeeper as I sold my back up goalie Obi to Seattle for £100k. I also had to sign myself a new RW and LW due to my back ups leaving on free and loan respectively. Here are my signings below:

Signing 1 – Signed on a free transfer from Chivas, this guy looks pretty decent and will provide good competition to Alexi Sanchez


Signing 2 – Aguirre was on loan last season and he has such a good season that I immediately signed him on a permanent deal, he cost me £950k


Signing 3 – I decided as most previous pre-seasons to sign myself another central midfielder, I had players getting on and also getting itchy feet so this guy was bought in just in case anyone left, he ended up being a pivotal player, he was signed from Atletico Mineiro for £1.5m


Signing 4 – finding a goalkeeper was a lot harder than I expected, I had so many offers accepted for really decent looking goalies but none wanted to enter contract negotiations, in the end I settled for this guy, a £115k signing from Leverkusen


And finally, signing 5 – A really good signing on a free transfer, he will provide great competition to Al Clark


The squad looks great and primed ready for a NACL challenge. We went into the Quarter final looking good, pre-season had been good and I had a good feeling about the challenge ahead.

So to the NACL quarter final, the 1st leg was an absolute goal fest where we beat Portland 6-4 in the away game


A great start and we ended up breezing into the semi final winning the 2nd leg 3-0 and an overall win of 9-4, next up a game against another MLS side Houston


What I was praying for was for Orlando to cause some kind of upset against America (MEX) and what happened was one hell of a shock, we had comfortably won our 1st leg game but what happened in the Orlando game was amazing


Yes Orlando had smashed them 4-1 and in turn virtually guaranteed themselves a final spot, we also had virtually sealed our spot. Both 2nd legs went as expected and we were into the final against Orlando, I couldn’t believe they had got past America (MEX) and I went into the final even more confident, Orlando hadn’t beaten us in 3 seasons in the MLS.


So an all American NACL final, and we played well in the 1st leg to give ourselves a small lead to take us into the home leg, the away goal could be pivotal.


Then came the 2nd leg, and what a result!!!


A 4-0 win and 5-0 on aggregate, what a way to win the NACL and in turn my 2nd continental champions league after Africa. It was an amazing achievement but I felt I had got very lucky with who I had drawn, I had steered clear of all the big Mexican teams and managed to play all American teams in the knockout rounds, but a win is a win and I was delighted to add it to my trophy collection


I leave New York Red Bulls now in good shape, the squad has definitely improved, the finances are good and I also leave them unbeaten in the MLS.



Straight after leaving New York Red Bulls I put myself on holiday only playing the England games (I’ll update this in another update), it took ages for any kind of job to become available, I then got to October just as the South Korean season was ending and was offered jobs at 2 clubs. Pohang and Suwon, both of these clubs have had poor seasons coming 5th and 7th respectively. Suwon were predicted 2nd and Pohang 3rd.

I now leave it upto you guys to decide which one I go to, as I have done previously I have set up a Strawpoll and I want your votes to decide who I will be. Vote closes last 3pm Thursday 13\8.

Here is the link – Strawpoll.me/5193909

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!


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