New Save and a New Challenge

Good evening all yes I’m back!!

If you read my previous article ( you will know I lost my Alphabet Save due to me being a tit and not backing up my save file when my computer had a wobble!

Well I’ve had a week off from FM and now feel refreshed to start something new, there aren’t many challenges that really take my fancy but one of them that I have enjoyed doing in the previous FM versions is the Pentagon Challenge, the aim of this challenge is to win the 5 continental champions leagues.

These are:


I’ve been spending the afternoon thinking and I’ve come up with my new save idea, it won’t be the Pentagon Challenge, instead I’ll be doing the Hexagon Challenge!! How do you win the 6th I hear you ask? Well what I’ll do is download some extra league files to incorporate Oceania and try and win their Champions League

The 2 Oceania countries I am going to add are New Zealand and  Vanuatu. I will also be adding some other extra countries to make Asia and Africa a bit more exciting, these are: Japan and Qatar for Asia and Egypt and Tunisia for Africa. This will make jobs a bit more easy to come across and like my Alphabet challenge give me experience in different and obscure countries.

So now I have my countries sorted I am going to set myself some extra goals for the save.

In addition to winning the 6 champions leagues I am also going to set myself the challenge of winning the 6 international competitions, these are:

European Championships
Copa America
Asian Nations Cup
African Nations
Gold Cup
Oceania Nations Cup

I am also giving myself the challenge of winning the World Cup and the Club World Championships

If I win all these it will be a miracle but I always like to challenge myself and this will definitely be a challenge!!

As on my Alphabet Save I will be playing this on Classic mode, if you want to know my reasons please read my very first article ( when I gave my thoughts on why I prefer FMC.

As for how I will start the save, my manager will start with the lowest possible reputation, this is Sunday League Rep. To get myself a job I will need to start with some lower leagues, from previous experience the best league to start in is South Africa, I will also add the 2 Oceania leagues and the 2 extra African leagues in downloading, this should give me as good starting point for a job. Once I complete a continent I will add some more countries, my idea is to start in Africa/Oceania then move to Asia, then North and South America then end up in Europe but this order may change.

I really hope you will all follow me on my journey, I will put updates on here at the end of each season but if you want to follow it a little closer I will put regular updates on my twitter account @thatfmregen

Thanks for reading


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