Alphabet Challenge – A goodbye

I’m not sure where to go with this article so I’m going to get the awful news out the way – I have lost my Alphabet Save game.

Now I know what the first question will be – Why didn’t you have a back-up? Yes I did have a back-up, I saved it every month due to numerous crash dumps I had prior to the latest patch. My issue is my laptop.

Late last night, my laptop got attacked my some kind of remote hack where it slowed my computer right down to a point where I couldn’t click anything, I managed to reboot but nothing would load, the only thing I could do was to do a system restore.

I did try and move my saved games to a safe place but my laptop was so unresponsive and every time I tried to do something it wouldn’t let me do it.

After a while I managed to get the system restore which would take me back 4 days to when the last Windows update took place.

This means I’ve lost my current Israel season where I had just won the League with Hapoel Tel-Aviv, I lost my Italy season where I wont the League with Italy and I lost 2/3rds of my season with Debrechen in Hungary where again I won the league!!

I am so gutted and I haven’t got the patience to sit through all these leagues again so I’ve decided to call it a day. I have loved this save but FM over the past few weeks has lost its magic for me, this is nothing to do with the game but is something that happens to me every year when I know a new version is just around a corner.

I really hope everyone has enjoyed the save and I will DEFINITELY be doing this again on FM16. For now I will still update on Twitter @thatfmregen with maybe a new fun save or something different to take me through to FM16.

One final few screenshots and its of all the clubs ive been at and my career stats, I have won the league with every one! What a journey, I bid you farewell, thanks for reading people and thank you to everyone who has promoted my blog, you guys rock! x





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