2047/48 – Debrechen Season 3

Good evening all and welcome back to my latest post in the Alphabet Challenge.

If you had read my previous few posts you will know I am in Hungary trying and failing to win the league with Debrechen, 2 seasons have past and both seasons we have come 2nd by some distance from Videoton. Their team is immense and way way better than us!

So as I headed into season 3 I knew I had some serious rebuilding work to do to get anywhere near them. I knew with the right signings that I could beat every other team in the League and therefore my title chances would depend on how I fare against Videoton in our 2 league games.

I decided to rebuild my squad through the summer and rebuild I did. I made more signings than I think I have made in any other season and here they are:


Once again I took advantage of my affiliation with Metalist and signed 4 of their players on loan. I did try and re-loan my players from the previous season but they all rejected apart from Gusev who stays with us for a third season. The 3 others I went for are: Andriy Ivanko –  a quick, tricky Right Winger/Central Midfielders, Oleg Romanov – a big strong Centre Back, and Daniel Pop a hard working Right Back.

My other signings were:

Karoly Nagy – A big strong, hard working Defensive Midfielder

Robert Kis – A Right Wing back

Alexandr Tkachev – A tricky, skilful Attacking Midfielder/Striker

Mark Calus – A young forward who I sent out on loan

Rayane El-Aadami and Karoly Tihanyi both tall, strong Centre Backs

and finally, Zoltan Mezei a Goalkeeper

I did want to buy a Left Midfielder but there are literally no decetn one available so gave us and decided to stick with Simen Anderson and I also have a striker called Richard Patvaros who can play LM

So with my signings complete I headed into the season full of expectation, then the fixtures come out, first game Videoton Away! F*cks Sake!! But also before that I had to play Videoton in the Hungarian Super Cup, here we go, lets start off with a bang and show them what we are made of, the Super Cup Score…….


Really not the start we were looking for, luckily it was just the Super Cup. I knew I had to work hard this season to get anything from Videoton, so we went into the first game away and I changed tactics, I went from a 442 to a 433 and played a DM to try and sure up the defence, the result…..

vid away

Hmmmmmm the defence definitely didn’t sure themselves up but we got a pint away which is fantastic, al we have to do now is beat everyone, beat them at home and win the league! Sounds sooooo easy when it rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?

Well actually that nearly how it panned out. After drawing Videoton we went on one hell of a run, we won 13 out of the next 14 games, our only slip up was a 1-0 away defeat to Honved. We then played Videoton at home, this is it, the big one and it sure was!!!

vid home

We had done it!! We beat them 3 -0, this put us 1 point clear of them. But we still had another 14 games to go.

In the end we did manage to keep ahead of them. In our last 14 games we won 12 and drew 2. Videoton also won 12 and drew 2. It was one hell of a season and one of my best. Beating Videoton to the title by 1 point. Here is how the table ended. Note Videoton’s goals scored, absolutely incredible!!!


9 points dropped all season is amazing and usually you would smash the league by miles but to nick it by 1 point is sensational. What a win, I don’t think I’ve celebrated this hard on a game of FM for a long time!

Right Steve calm down, you still have the Hungarian Cup final to play, who are we playing? Oh yeah Videoton!!!

It was a pretty easy run to the final


All games were over 2 legs hence the high goalscoring but we had done it, Ferencvaros in the Semi final was crazy, we won the first leg away 2-1 and won the home leg 5-4!

So to the final we go, I knew Videoton would be playing for revenge so I thought play defensive, keep it tight and nick a 1-0 win. My team on the other hand though nah stuff it lets just play like idiots in defence and nutters up front! The score….

cup final

Yes 8-4!!!!!!!!! 5-3 at half time was crazy enough but usually on FM when you have that many early goals nothing happens in the 2nd half, but it sure did, 4 more goals and an absolutely chaotic game!

So there you have it, not only did we nick the league title but we also won the cup. And that my friends is “H” over with…..EVENTUALLY, this has been my longest stay at a club in my whole alphabet journey (3 years!), I now move onto “I” and I have a lot of leagues to choose from, these are:

Israel, India, Ireland, Italy and Iceland

Thanks for reading, I hope I’ve made this one a little more exciting and humorous! Please leave me any feedback you have whether good or bad either on here or via Twitter @thatfmregen


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