2045/46 – Debrechen/Hungary

Good evening all and welcome back to the latest instalment of the Alphabet Challenge.

Firstly apologies for the slow update, work and real life issues have got in the way! Last time out I had just won the Dutch League with Feyenoord, I only had Hungary left to complete before moving onto my next Letter which is “I”

It didn’t take long to receive an offer and that came in the form of Debrechen. They had sacked their manager after a poor season in the Hungarian League where they came 6th. The expectation of the board was to come 3rd. Videoton are by far the best team in the league and have won the previous 10 league titles so its going to be tough to dethrone them

I immediately accepted, I wasn’t offered a large transfer budget but looking at the squad it’s decent with a lot of depth and I feel I’ll only need a few new signings to push for a title challenge.

Before I had taken the job the previous manager had taken advantage of the loan market and their affiliation with Metalist of Ukraine, we now had 5 players on loan from them. I pinpointed that I needed to strengthen my defence and midfield, a new RB, LB were imperative and a CB would be beneficial, we also needed a LW and a CM. We managed to achieve this within our transfer budget of £1.4m


I spent the majority of my budget on my defence. Bognar is a RB, Tamas Varga is a CB and Horvath is a new LB. Simon is a LW, Molnar is a RW who can also play CM and Szilard Varga is a CM.

After all these signings my squad looks like this. We have strength in depth in all areas and I’m more than confident we can push for the title


The League itself went very well, we found ourselves top from a very early stage winning 9 out of our first 10 games and playing really well. After this we seemed to collapse and were very inconsistent. We went into the final game 3 points behind Videoton, they had a tricky away game, we had an easy home game.

In the end it wasn’t enough, although we won our game 2-1 Videoton had won 4-2. It was a defiant effort but we fell short. I was really disappointed that we didn’t do it, especially after our fantastic start


A 2nd place finish gets us into the Europa League for next season. I really feel with some decent acquisitions we can push Videoton again but this time ending above them!

In the League Cup we managed to get into the Quarter final but were knocked out 1-0 in aggregate to MTK. We really should’ve got through but couldn’t put the ball in the net after dominating both legs.

So its been a frustrating season but one that has been good to build the squad and push next season.

We didn’t manage to win an awards at the end of the season but did get 4 players in the team of the year which included one of our signings Horvath


So there you have it another season down, hopefully I can win the title next season and move onto the next Letter

Thanks for reading, please leave me feedback whether good or bad either on here or via Twitter @thatfmregen


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