2042/43 – Hong Kong/Kitchee

Good evening and welcome back to the latest update on the Alphabet Challenge. Have to say this update has come around rather quickly, mainly because of the short season I have just encountered in Hong Kong. Yes I am already on the letter “H”!!.

After leaving Olympiakos it took around 2 months for a job to come through, I turned down a couple of rubbish offer from promoted teams in Hungary and then was offered the job of Kitchee Sports Club in Hong Kong. Kitchee has won the previous 8 league titles until the 2041/42 season where they came a disappointing 4th and subsequently sacked their manager and gave me the chance to turned around their fortunes.

I was given a rather healthy £110k transfer budget. This would’ve been good if I had the chance of signing decent player, unluckily for me only domestic based players wanted to join me. I decided because of these limitations to keep my squad and just sign 1 or 2 player. With the formation I play I needed a RM/RW and as the squad had none I made that my number 1 priority. In the end I signed 2, 1 as a Key Player and 1 as Back-up. I also decided to sign a 3rd GK, mainly because 1 of my GKs was injured for 3 months


Lai Wai Lok is the GK. Chi Wing was signed as my 1st choice RM with Okada signed as the back-up. As you will see later Chi Wing had a fantastic season.

So after those 2 signings my squad looked like this. Very strong in all areas with good back-up where needed


I always expected to dominate the league, we had by far the best team so I knew we would do well. In the end we won the League and Cup domestic treble!

In the League we were fantastic losing only 1 match, it was a fun season though as South China kept up with us all the way until the final couple of matches


We didn’t start too well but ended the season with 8 wins in a row!

There are 2 cups we have to play in Hong Kong and as mentioned before we won them both, but not without some hiccups on the way! Firstly there was the Senior Challenge Cup, 1st round was easy enough but then we scraped through the Quarters and Semi Final, we then won the final on penalties. This wouldn’t be the last time this happened!

senior shield sheild final

We then move on to the Hong Kong FA Cup, all round bar the final are 2 legs. We eased into the final where again we won on penalties, after these 2 cup finals were over my nerves were shred to pieces, I absolutely hate penalty shootouts!

facup fa cup final

So what a season it has been, one I expected but nevertheless a very enjoyable (and short) season.

Now to our stand-out players. Poon Ka Ming won the Fans Player of the Year and also the Top Goalscorer award

fans poty2 tg fan poty1

As mentioned before 1 of our new signings had a fantastic season, although Yu Chi Wing didn’t win an award he was our 2nd best player over the whole campaign


We also had 3 players named in the Team of the Year


So another great season and another country ticked off the list. I have now won the league title in 19 of the 51 playable countries on FM15. I have 2 more to win to complete “H”, those being Hungary and Holland

Thanks for reading, please leave me some feedback whether good or bad either on here or via Twitter @thatfmregen


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