2040/41 – Germany/Dortmund

Good evening all and welcome back to the latest instalment of my Alphabet Challenge. Last time we out I had finished off “F” with SJK in Finland. Another storming season winning the Finnish league and scoring goals galore.

I now move on to “G” where I have the choice of Germany or Greece.

As the Finnish League finishes in November I decided the best thing to do was to wait until the end of the regular season in both “G” countries. Jobs didn’t take long to come filtering through, all in Germany, but one stood out. Thomas Sorenson (yes him!) had retired from management and had left Dortmund. They wanted me to fill the vacancy. £43m transfer budget swayed it and I said yes.

Dortmund had ended the 39/40 season in 2nd place behind Gelsenkirken or Schalke 04 as we all know them, the squad looked decent with quality in Midfield and Attack but the defence needed strengthening, a LW was also required.

I managed to spend all my budget, mainly on an awesome LW from Barcelona. I also brought a CB and a young striker. I found it incredibly hard to get the players I wanted. I needed new fullbacks but they were either too expensive or not worth it as my current ones were just as good.


All 3 players were really good quality. Ekstrom is the CB I required. Orlando is the LW and Seegert is the Striker, at only 17 he is one for the future but will be there to play when required.

Now to the season and what a season it was! Once again we absolutely smashed the league. Scoring goals for fun. After 11 games we had scored 50 goals. It did tail off and we did start losing games towards the end, but we won the title by a distance scoring 124 goals in the process


Another incredible season, every time I think I’m going to have a tough season it seems to get better and better!

I wont go into the cups too much but I’ll have a quick run through.

In the German Cup we lost in the Quarters to Wolfsburg 4-3 AET.  I was incredibly disappointed, we deserved to win but sloppy defending cost us.

In the Champions League we breezed through the Group Stage alongside Barcelona, we beat them 4-0 at home which sealed our spot at the top of the group.


We then played Roma in the last 16 and stupidly got knocked out after a shocking 1st leg defeat away where we lost 3-0. We managed to claw some of back in the 2nd leg but 2-0 wasn’t enough and we were out. In the 2nd leg we absolutely battered Roma searching for the big win, we had 27 shots, 8 CCCs but it wasn’t enough


Overall the season was good but I was incredibly disappointed with our performances in the cups. I expected at least a Semi final spot in the CL and a final spot in the German Cup, but the league is what matters in this challenge!

Now to the end of season awards. RW Fernando Jose won the Footballer of the Year award, and he also broke the record average rating for the league

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Gulliem Ortiz ended the German League top goalscorer scoring an incredible 35 goals in 30 starts!

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We also dominated the Team of the Year with 7 players


So there you have it, another unbelievable season. I now move on to Greece to complete the G” countries.

Thanks for reading, please leave me feedback whether its good or bad either on here or on Twitter @thatfmregen


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