2037/38 – France/Lyon

Good evening all and welcome back to my latest update in the Alphabet Challenge.

Last time out I had smashed the English Premier League with Manchester United and with that I moved on to the next letter which is “F”. I had a choice of France or Finland. As mentioned in my previous post I had missed the cut off date for adding Finland so had to wait until Nov 2037 for it to become active so I really only had France to pick from once I resigned from Man Utd.

A job offer took around 6 weeks to arrive. Lyon came calling. After finishing 3rd in Ligue 1 they removed their manager. Looking at the French League it has been dominated by PSG since 2013 (they had won every single title since then). They had also won the last 10 French Cups! It was going to be tough task to overtake them and one I expected that may take me 2 or 3 seasons.

After checking my squad out I realised that overall it was pretty decent. Nowhere near the quality of PSG but I fully expected with a few additions I could easily achieve 2nd place and hopefully challenge in the Cup comps.

I decided to improve my midfield and also take advantage of the loan market. I needed a 4th striker and due to injuries to my 1st choice goalie I needed one on loan at least for 6 months. Below are my transfers


Marquez, Segovia and Aguirre are all midfielders. Aguire a RW and the other 2 CMs. Bamba is a fullback wh can play either side. Pastor is a highly rated striker who looks awesome and Silva was signed as my back-up GK, although he left after 3 months due to complaining about lack of games.

So after all those transfers this is how my squad looks.squad

I took this after Silva left so that’s why he is missing. The squad looks really good and definitely up for a good season..

Now to how the season went. I’m not sure how to go about writing this up so I’m just going to get straight the point, we were amazing! We won the French League and Cup Treble! The league was the most pleasing, we clocked up 100 points and 136 goals in 38 games!!! Absolutely ridiculous to be honest! We did only win the league by 6 points. Those 6 points came from beating PSG home and away.

league table

As with Man Utd goalscoring was truly stunning, here is a list of some of our big wins, there are a lot of them as you can see

big scores

As mentioned before we also won both the French Cups, beating PSG in both on the way to the finals

This the French Cup

french cup

As this is the Coupe de la Ligue

lge cup

A treble!! Way beyond anything I ever imagined, and most definitely my best season so far in the save. These 3 trophies made me the best English manager of all time in the Hall of Fame and also entered me into the Worldwide Hall of Fame

We also didn’t do to badly in the Champions League. We had to overcome a Play off to enter the group stage where we beat Dinamo Kiev

cl playoff

In the group stage we managed to get through a very tough group which included my previous team Man Utd. We beat them 4-1 at home which was my best result of the group stage

cl grou[

In the 1st Knockout round we had one hell of a good win against Atletico Madrid. We lost the 1st leg away 5-4 but as you can see below we turned that around and in some style

cl ko

In the Quarters we played Valencia, we lost the 1st leg away 3-1 and we couldn’t manage to turn it around in the home leg. We won 1-0 but it wasn’t enough and we were knocked out

cl q

A few end of season awards of note. Right Winger Cardo Nsay won 3 awards. As you can see below he was absolutely amazing. An average rating over the French League of 8.64 and 29 assists in 30 games.

star of comp

best fro poty star of comp 2

Pedro Antunes won the Goalkeeper of the year. 13 clean sheets in 33 games definitely helped out on our run to the league title


We also dominated the French Team of the Year


So there you have it, one of the best seasons yet. I’m not sure how I’m going to top this one but I’ll always give it a go. Next up Finland!

Thanks for reading, hopefully my next update will be up by Monday or Tuesday


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