2036/37 – England/Man United Season 2

Good morning everyone and welcome back to my latest post in the Alphabet Challenge. Last time out I was in England with Manchester United, taking over half way through the 35/36 season where Man Utd were 13th we ended up coming 2nd in an amazing end of season run.

I had a really good feeling about Season 2. The board had backed me with a ridiculous transfer budget of £184m and £750k spare wage budget. First thing I had to do was ship out all the rubbish we had in the squad. I decided on a total revamp. Our squad was too big, we had 30 players, 12-15 of which weren’t good enough to even be in the squad, let alone the 1st team.

I decided to put all players who had averaged under 7 rating the season before and any player who hadn’t featured in the first team on the transfer list. It also meant I could increase my transfer budget.

We had a major clear out as you can see below

transfers out

We ended up selling £70m of players, which increased my transfer budget to a crazy £250m! After selling all these players and letting another 8 go on frees I had a squad of 15 players. I promoted a couple from the Youth ranks and then set about bolstering my squad. I identified that I needed a new RB, 2 new CBs, 1 new Creative Midfielder and a GK.

I managed to get all these but at a cost, I spent my whole transfer budget on 6 players, 1 of them being on a free!

transfers in

Bermudez is a RB, Andris is a CB who can also play DM, Camolese is a GK, Burgess is a young CB who I signed as back up. Maes was transfer listed as he wanted to move to a bigger club and is a very good CM/AM. Leon Dean was signed on a pre-contract deal from Chelsea who is versatile, he can play D/RLC/DM/CM

So there you go, my squad is complete, its small but much better quality I still have 2 players per position (just about). Ill post a screen of my squad a bit further down as it has the player stats on it.

I had a really good feeling about this season and it definitely didn’t disappoint. We were unbelievable, scoring for fun and not conceding many goals. We ended up winning the league by a country mile and scoring 127 goals in the process!


Some of my results were truly incredible, here are a few of them, all the ones when we scored 5 or more!


What a season! There’s not much more I can say to be honest, we were sensational.

Unfortunately we didn’t fare as well in the cup competitions. We did manage to win the Community Shield 2-1 against Man City, but we were knocked out in the 4th round of the League Cup to Liverpool 2-3 and in the 4th round of the FA Cup to Newcastle 0-2.

We did slightly better in the Champions League. We were given a pretty easy group which we won 5 of 6, the 1 we lost we were already qualified and I played a virtual reserve team

cl griup

In the 1st Knockout Round we beat Dortmund 3-0 at home and 3-0 away to breeze into the Quarters

cl ko

We then played Real Madrid and despite winning the 1st leg at Home 2-0, we were battered away from home losing 4-1 and 4-3 on aggregate. I was incredibly disappointed, I really wanted to win it this season

cl q

Now to my squad, nearly everyone was absolutely incredible, here is a quick screen of my whole squad, as you can see some players were very very good!


A few end of season awards/records.

Diogo Chaby won the Football of the Year award and also broke the record for the number of assists in the league and the record highest average rating. He ended with an average of 8.47, one of the highest I’ve ever seen!

foty foty 2

Striker Danny Maas won the Players Player of the Year award and also broke the league record for total goals scored.

ppoty top g 2 top g

We also dominated the Premier League Team of the Year, ending with 8 of the 11 players!


So there you have it, what a season! Breaking records left, right and centre. And with that E is now complete. We move onto F where we have a choice of Finland and France. Unfortunately I made an error and forgot to add the Finnish league and it now doesn’t load until November 2037 so I’m guessing I’ll be in France first.

Thanks for reading, hopefully my next update will be up sometime over the weekend



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