2034/35 -Denmark (Aalborg)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Alphabet Challenge where I’m attempting to work my way through all the countries in FM15 in alphabetical order. Last time out I had just completed “C” and had moved on to the only “D” country Denmark.

It took me until the end of the domestic season to receive a few job offers. The only one that half appealed to me was AAB or Aalborg as I know them. The had just ended 6th in the Danish League after being predicted 5th. Their manager had been given the boot and I was the man they wanted to take charge. I accepted, mainly because nothing else had come up that tickled my fancy.

AAB have a pretty decent squad but with limited money to spend I needed to spend what I had wisely and make the most of the loan market. After looking at the squad I identified the following positions to strengthen 1 LB, 1 CB, 1 LW and 1 ST and if I can another CM

I managed to get all the positions filled that I required, here are my transfers


As you can see I only spent money on 1 player and it was my whole transfer budget. Simon Toft was nicked from Kobenhavn, he is a very decent looking LB.

Molnar was signed as a back-up CM, Atitallah is a LW, Williams is a CB who can also play as DM/CM and Emil Johansson is a Striker who you will see a bit further down was sensational!

So the squad looked decent but overall I wasn’t confident. You will see from the screenshot below that Kobenhavn have won the title in previous 20 seasons!


What happened in the league was really unexpected, we started amazing and although we tailed off a bit at the end we stormed to the league title! We beat Kobenhavn in all 3 games and they had a disastrous season finishing 3rd. They never got near to us, no one did in fact! We won the league by 23 points!


It was absolutely stunning, it took us until the 22nd game to lose. We broke numerous records including most team goals, most points, record goalscorer, most assists, highest average rating and most game without losing!

This was mainly down to 1 man, Emil Johansson, he scored 28 goals in the league in 22 games and 32 in 25 overall. What a stunning loan signing, Norrkoping will wish they had kept him!


The player of the year for the Danish League went to Inaki Iriarte, he was amazing all season getting 17 player of the math awards/


We also had 4 players in the team of the year. Strangely Iriarte wasn’t in there!


So there you have it, D comes and goes in 1 season. One of the best seasons I’ve had seeing how dominant Kobenhavn had been in the previous seasons. We now move onto “E” and there’s only one country England! I have a feeling this is going to be tough, inspecting the previous season 4 of the top 6 teams changed their manager so I wouldn’t expect them to come up. Also the league has hardly changed with the usual suspects ended top of the league.

Thanks for reading and apologies for the slowness in the update. I had this season finished on Friday but was away and had no internet signal! Next update should be up by Tuesday.


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