2031/32 – Chile Part 2 – Universidad de Chile

Good afternoon all and welcome back to my latest post on the Alphabet Challenge.

Last time out we were in Chile with Union Espanola. We had a decent season finishing 4th in the league. After some deliberation I decided to resign from my post. Transfer funds were terrible. We didn’t have enough quality players and I knew I wouldn’t be able to improve the team enough to challenge the top teams. Shortly after resigning the perfect job came my way. Eugenio Mena had left his role as manager of Universidad de Chile for the big time at Palmeiras in Brazil.

Universidad de Chile offered me the job immediately and with an awesome looking squad and a £4m transfer kitty I accepted straight the way.

What I found out was it was near on impossible to sign any players. My assistant manager seemed to think everyone wanted to sign for me. Offers got accepted, and then when it came to offering the player a contract they didn’t even want to enter negotiations. This occurred around 7 or 8 teams with different players. I decided after signing just one players to abandon any attempt to sign players and stick with my squad. Attacking wise we looked awesome, defensively it was good but thin on the ground. The only way to go ahead was to attack attack attack!

Here is my only signing,

transfer only trander

I seriously needed a LM and this guy fitted the bill. He had a very solid season overall

In the league we had a very good season. The league is split into Opening and Closing stages. What I said before was that to continue to my next country I had to win the overall league table. I managed to do this on the final game of the season, Nicking the title from Colo Colo.

In the Opening Stage we weren’t at our best, it took the team this half of the season to gel and get to grips with the tactic. We ended up in 4th place


The Closing stage was a lot lot better, We ended up winning it by 4 points from O’Higgins


This meant in the overall table we won the league by 2 points. It was a fantastic achievement with no signings and a thin squad but it continued the tradition of league titles which for the club is now 4 in a row.

final table

In the Domestic Cup we were poor getting knocked out in the 2nd Round on penalties


We were also entered into the Copa Libertadores but were knocked out in the group stage. We were handed a tough group but I expected to come 2nd.

copa libert

Well there we have it, another Country ticked off on the road to completing the Alphabet Challenge. We only have 1 more “C” Country to go which is Colombia. I’m finding it very hard at the moment to get time to play FM but will hopefully continue to put an update up maybe twice a week

Thanks for reading, I welcome any feedback whether good or bad either on here or via Twitter @thatfmregen


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