2030/31 – Union Espanola (Chile)

Good evening everyone and welcome to the latest post in the Alphabet Challenge.

When I last left it we had won the Czech league with Mlada Boleslav, I still have 2 countries to complete in “C” (Chile and Colombia)

After resigning from Mlada it didn’t take long to get a decent looking job offer, Union Espanola of Chile came calling. It looked a tempting offer on the face of it so I accepted. Union had come 8th in the previous season but were predicted 4th.

The Chilean league is split into an opening and closing stage, each stage comes with a play-off at the end where 2nd-5th are entered to see who qualifies for the continental competitions.

Union Espanola offered me £0 transfer budget and hardly any wage budget. This was made worse by the fact the team is incredibly thin on the ground and over the whole pre-season I found it virtually impossible to find any decent players to sign

Here are the players I signed


All 3 signing were In Defence. Guitierrez is a LB and the other 2 are CBs. It was dismal amount of signings but we managed to have a squad of around 23 players, 8 of these plucked out of the youth team. My idea was to sell some players through the season, make a bit of money and attempt to strengthen in season 2. I managed to sell 3 players for a total of £2.2m but the club are in serious debt and it all got swallowed up! As you can tell everything was working against me.

In the domestic league we played ok, never challenged for the title in either stage but overall we managed to get 4th place. Opening stage we came 2nd but 14 points behind Universidad de Chile, in the Closing stage we came 5th.

Here is the end of season table. A 4th place spot was enough to secure a spot in the Copa Sudamericana for next season


We managed to get 3 players into the Team of the year


Right Midfielder Mauricio Alcaron also won the Player of the eyar award

14b0396f7a9f99c819203a5cc27f7dcc poty

Sorry for the short post, nothing really happened, we had a decent season but to challenge for the league I really think I’ll need to move clubs. Union Espanola have no money and a terrible team. I’ll stick with it but maybe apply for bigger and better jobs if they come about

Thanks for reading, next update should be up in a few days


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