2022 – A Mineiro Miracle

Good evening all and welcome back to my latest update on the Alphabet Challenge, just want to apologise for the slow updates, a new born baby and shift work has taken centre stage the past few days!

A quick recap, last time out we were in Bulgaria with Ludogorets. I smashed the “A” League and took another step on the road to finishing off the B countries. I immediately resigned and started hunting for a job in either Belgium or Brazil.

It didn’t take long for an awesome job offer to come in.Atletico Mineiro of Brazil.

10 games into the season and they were languishing in 11th place. The team were playing poorly and it needed a serious miracle to turn their season around.

table at start

There wasn’t much of a gap but it was going to take a run of epic proportions to take on the might of the big teams. What happened over the season will stay with me for a long long time. Before I tell you what happened I just want to write a little disclaimer. Not once have I ever used the cheating method of save/reload. I use instant results for speed that’s all. Just wanted to say this as the results coming up are ridiculous beyond my wildest dreams!

I made 1 signing before the transfer deadline closed. I had a serious lack of Centre Backs and with the limited resources we had I spent 300k on a new CB from Roma

signing300k roma

He turned out to be one hell of a good signing as you can see from his Average Rating.

I’m not sure how it happened but we managed to go on one hell of a run. Something I’ve never seen or done on FM of any version. We went from a team who could hardly win to a team who smashed their way past everyone! My expectation for the season was to solidify, sort the finances out and maybe push for a Copa Libertadores spot. What happened was way way above my expectations!

We somehow managed to win the league by an absolute mile, this happened with one of the best winning runs I’ve ever had on FM

Here are the results from the season from when I joined in July 2022

results1 results2

In 28 league games we won 25, drew 1 and lost 2, this included a winning streak of 16 games, some of the results were absolutely incredible!

Here is the final league table

final table

We ended up 16 points clear of our nearest challengers, I still have no idea how I managed to turn it around, the tactic? Maybe. Morale? Definitely!

I decided to employ one of the my favourite tactics and one that fitted the players and style really well. Its a 4231 that I found on FM Base


It worked absolute wonders! Luiz Fernando up front was an absolute monster bagging 34 goals in 32 league games! He won 2 awards at the end of the season.

poty top gs

He also broke the League record for highest Average Rating

ave rat record

A few other awards at the end of the season.

Bressan won the Centre Back of the year


Dodo won Midfielder of the Year


And Renan won Goalkeeper of the year


5 of our team go into the team of the year as well


It was an absolutely amazing season and one I never expected. Taking over a team after 10 games is always hard and I’ve never managed to turn it around so quickly!

We also broke a few club records as well including Biggest win and top league goalscorer

recordwin clubrecordgs

So another season down and another league conquered, we now move on to Belgium the final “B” country before pushing onto “C”

As I write this post I’m holidaying through awaiting a new job offer and one has just come up. I am now the manager of AA Gent. One game of the season left and they have ended 10th in the league. We have some play-off to see if we get into Europe. Wages and Budgets are a bit tight so it could be difficult to push for the title but we will see. Maybe I can produce another miracle!

Thanks for reading, I’d love feedback whether good or bad either on here or via Twitter @thatfmregen


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