2021/22 – Battering Bulgaria

Good afternoon all and welcome to my latest update on the Alphabet Challenge

A quick re-cap, in my previous blog post we had just won the Belarussian league with Dinamo Minsk, I had quickly resigned and started applying for the limited number of jobs available. The remaining “B” leagues I have to complete are Bulgaria, Brazil and Belgium

Jobs slowly started filtering there way to me but nothing really appealed. Then in July 2021 the offer came that I was looking for

That job was Ludogorets of Bulgaria. In the 2020/21 season they had hammered the Bulgarian “A” League. Their manager had retired after only 1 season in charge. This was the perfect opportunity for me to continue on my journey.


We were thrown straight into the Champions League 2nd qualifying round where we thrashed FH of Iceland 7-1 on aggregate

cl 2nd q

In the 3rd qualifying round we played Azerbaijani team Agdam, it was another comfortable win

cl 3rd q

We were then drawn against Celtic, the winner would progress to the group stage. What happened was amazing! 4-2 down from the 1st leg we somehow managed to beat them 3-0 at home to progress through 5-4

cl playoff

It was an amazing comeback and pumped me up for the forthcoming group stage draw. We managed to get a decent group and one I was confident of grabbing 2nd or 3rd

cl group

The group stage campaign overall was an absolute disaster, coming bottom and only winning once, it was an expected win but not enough to even get us 3rd place

cl man u

Here is how the group ended

cl final group

A disaster but one that made me more determined to win the league!

Next up was the Bulgarian Super Cup. This was the league winner v’s cup winner. We hammered Berge 3-0. Our first trophy and definitely not our last

bulagarian super cup

Now to the league. I always knew it should be a comfortable run to the title but I didn’t think it would be this easy


We won the league by 16 points, we tailed off at the end of the season mainly down to injuries but we lead from the start winning 14 out of our first 15 games.

Bulgaria is now complete and we move on to either Belgium or Brazil.

A few end of season awards. Toni Silva was absolutely unbelievable all season and most definitely deserved his Players Player of the Season award

my player of the year

We had players 7 in the Bulgarian “A” League team of the year

team of the year

Janjic won the top goal-scorer award. Scoring 33 goals in 26 games

top goalscorer

An amazing season but one I was definitely expecting. Ludogorets are by far the best team in the League so I expected to win it. My major disappointment was the Champions League, I fully expected with my squad to challenge for 2nd spot or at worst a Europa League place.

We now move onto our next “B” country. Brazil or Belgium

Stay tuned for my next update in the next few days. Please drop me any feedback whether good or bad either on here or via Twitter @thatfmregen


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