2018/19 – V is for Victory

Hi all and welcome back to my latest update on the Alphabet Challenge

Quick re-cap, last time around I was in Argentina and managed to win the League, Copa Sudamericana and Supercopa Argentina with Boca juniors.

After this I resigned to continue my journey into my final “A” destination Australia and the Hyundai A League. With only 1 league and 10 teams I expected it be a tough road to find a new job. So I holidayed through and waited patiently

It took around 5 months from leaving Boca in December 2018 to receiving my first offer and what an offer it was! It came from Melbourne Victory. Probably 1 of the better teams in Australia but somehow in the 17/18 season they came last in the league, this whilst being predicted 1st!!! Here is how that table ended


Looking through the squad I had it was a total shock to see them end bottom. They have one of if not the best squad in the league. There were gaps. No Left Backs was the first issue which I sorted by signing a fantastic young LB from my old club Boca called Nicolas Pinto, he was only 19 but a fantastic signing.

We made a few other signings as well, here they all are


Sam Byrne was a pretty nifty striker who over the season chipped in with some very important goals


I knew I was set for a good season. I employed my 442 tactic which had proved successful before and with a large enough squad to survive any injuries I was positive of winning the league.

In the FFA Cup we breezed into the final with some emphatic victories including a record 8-0 win away to Redland,then beat Newcastle Jets comfortably 3-0 in the final

ffa cuo

It was a fantastic achievement and pushed us on for what happened in the league. We won the league with 4 games to spare, we had a small blip in the middle mainly down to injuries to all my Left Wingers and 3 of my 4 strikers!


No one could handle us over the whole season and we ended up 10 points clear of Newcastle Jets, but winning the league was only half the story, we still had the end of season Hyundai Final Series to go. As we won the league we got entered straight into the semi finals, we beat Wellington 3-1 AET in the semi and then comfortably beat Newcastle Jets in the final (again!). I’m sure they will be glad to be rid of me out of Australia!


A few end of season awards of note, player of the year went to Left Winger Connor Pain

An amazingly consistent season and a well deserved award.

player of the year

Young player of the year went to Striker Ante Juric

Alongside Sam Byrne they proved a massive threat over the whole season (barring injuries) and fully deserved the award. He will be someone I keep a close eye on as I move countries.

young player of the year

So that’s “A” complete, we move onto “B” now (I’m sure we all know how the Alphabet works!)

For anyone who doesn’t know the available leagues they are:




and Bulgaria

Thanks once again for reading, keep an eye out for the next update in a couple of days. Any feedback is greatly appreciated on here or on Twitter @thatfmregen


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