2017 – Brilliant Boca!

Hi guys welcome back to my save where I am trying to get as far through the Alphabet Challenge as I can.

if you had read my previous articles you will know in my first season I won the Austrian League with SV Grodig, I then moved to Argentina with San Lorenzo, I had a decent first season but the 2nd season we ended up in financial turmoil. We ended 2nd but I had to get out. Luckily, as you will have read at the bottom of my last article I was offered the job at Boca Juniors.

Here is my review of the 2017 Season.

I took over from Boca with 2 games gone in the League. They had won both their games and after they won the League last season I was pretty confident we would win the league this season.

Here is the squad I inherited:


The squad over all is really good, we have players and extra players to cover all positions and will suit the formation I want to play. There some names I recognised. Insua at LB used to be at Liverpool and we also had Dani Osvaldo!

After looking at the team I decided to play my favourite formation


Its been my preferred formation over the past few versions of FM and it fitted perfectly with the squad

Over the season we had some great results and we ended up winning the league with 4 games to spare, here is the final table. As you can see San Lorenzo my old team came right down near the bottom. If you read my last article you will know the receivers came in and sold nearly all my decent players


It was a great domestic season but also one I fully expected!

Because Boca won the league the previous year we also got entered into the Copa Libertadores, unfortunately it didn’t go completely to plan! We breezed through the group stage winning the group

copa lib group

In the 2nd round we played Cristal of Peru and over the 2 legs we won 6-1

copa lib 2nd rd

In the Quarters we came up against Leon, we had already played and beat them twice in the group stage so was fully expecting another win. What happened will stay with me for a long time! After 2 1-1 draws in the 2 legs we ended up losing 18-17 on penalties! I was absolutely gutted, but I guess these things are meant to be.

copa lib quarter

I’m not sure how South America works but we also got entered into the Copa Sudamericana, and what a campaign it was. We ended up winning the competition losing only 1 game (2nd leg of the final).

To cut down on screenshots here is the round tree for the competition.


It was an amazing run in the competition and after the result in the Copa Libertadores I was really pleased how well we did.

Our final game of the season Supercopa Argentina which we won 2-0 against the Cup Winners Newell’s


So what an amazing season. We now move onto the final “A” League which is Australia, not sure how long it will take to get a job as there are only a handful of teams in the league but I will holiday until an offer comes about

Thanks for reading, if there’s anything else you think I should be including or you would like to see then please leave a comment or message me on Twitter @thatfmregen


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