2015 – The Next Country and a New Club

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days, family visiting and a new born baby means it will always be random times when I get time to myself to sit and write up an article. Because of this I’m a bit behind on my updates so this one will be a little shorter.

After the Austrian Season finished I decided to leave and move on to the next Country, I have the choice between Australia and Argentina. Jobs came and went and it took 3 months for a job offer to eventually come my way.

On the 3rd August 2015 I was approached by San Lorenzo in Argentina. A sizeable budget of £8m looked amazing so I immediately took the job. San Lorenzo were 10th when I took over. The league is a bit mental, there are 30 teams in 1 division and you play everyone once! When taking over we had 14 games of the season to go.

Here are my results after taking over, as you can see we had a fantastic run but Injuries put pay to a challenge for continental qualification and we ended up slipping back away to 8th place

results 2015 season

And here is how the table ended, I was actually very disappointed where we ended after a great run when I took over

2015 season table

As for the tactic I used, I randomly picked out this one:

Its called Bantons v2 and I found it on FM-Base


It started really well but tailed away at the end of the season. I am wondering whether I will stop then random tactic idea and just create my own/pick ones I’m comfortable with

I am well into the 2016 season now but won’t give an update until the season is over. Sorry for the short update but I’ll make sure the next one is more thorough


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