14/15 Season – The Beginning and First Country

So I have decided to start the Alphabet Challenge as mentioned in the previous post.

These are the leagues I have loaded. As the challenge suggests I will start with the “A” Leagues


Because of the decency of the Leagues and my knowledge of how hard it can be to find a job I have put starting Reputation as National (Regional) Level

It didn’t take long to receive a job offer which I was quite surprised about and I was really pleased as it came from the club I enjoyed a fun save with whilst playing the Beta version of FM15


SV Grodig are in the Austrian Premier Division, the previous season they came 3rd in the League, this was their first season in the Premier Division so an amazing achievement. This also meant that I was entered into the 2nd Qualifying Round of the Europa League

The season as a whole was a major success, we lead from the start and after a late charge from Red Bull Salzburg and Austria Wien we won the League on the last game of the season. This is how the table ended:table

As you can see we totally smashed our expectation of Mid-Table. I don’t think we had an amazing season, but the other big teams expected to blitz the league were just too inconsistent and I feel that’s what won us the league.

In the other comps we entered we were dissapointing in the Austrian Cup where we got knocked out in the 3rd Round at home to Sportclub Ritzing of the Austrian 1st Division.

Our adventure into our first ever European campaign did slightly better, we scraped through our 2nd qualifying round against Siroki Brijeg of Bosnia 5-4 on aggregate with a goal in extra time winning it. We ended up losing to Mainz in the 3rd Qualifying round losing both legs 1-0

On the transfer side we only made one signing, lack of wages and transfer funds meant I had to release some players first to free up some wage budget and we desperately needed a spare striker, so we signed Michel Platini (not him no!)


Platini was fantastic all season and ended up with 15 goals in 29 league starts.


Himself and Tomi Correa proves a formidable partnership all season.

On the Tactic side if you read my previous post you will know I was thinking of doing some kind of random Tactic lottery where I would pick 10 or so tactics that I have seen posted online and randomly select one to use for the season, after a chat with a fellow twitter person I decided it may be difficult to do this as with some clubs it could take a while for the team to get used to a tactic, I changed my idea and decided I will randomly select a tactic at the start of joining EACH club and I have to use this tactic until I win the league and move to the next club where I then randomly select another tactic

The tactic that got picked out first was on called Apex Predator v2 its a 442 tactic that I know and love and have had good success before

If you want to see the tactic you can find it here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/422844-Apex-Predator-V2-Tuned-for-15.3

Here is the tactic and our best XI


So that’s our first season over. And I have no idea how but we won our first league in our first season. Austria is complete but I feel like staying another year and seeing how we get on in our first ever Champions League campaign. But I’ll see if any interesting jobs come available in Australia or Argentina as the summer goes along.

I hope you have enjoyed reading,, I always accept feedback whether positive or negative so please leave a comment or speak to me on twitter @thatfmregen


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