A General Ramble and new save idea

Firstly let me apologise, this could turn into a massive moan or ramble or bullet point presentation but hopefully at the end of it I will have put my thoughts/ideas across and then also inspired myself to start the save I have going around in me head!!

Over the past few weeks and months I’ve found it increasingly hard to ‘stick’ to a save, something that from what I see on Twitter is a regularly occurring theme. For me it’s down to a few things:

1) more responsibilities in life, I have a shift job which takes up a lot of time and also a 6 week old daughter to look after when I’m not at work. This means it could sometimes be a week or more between playing and saves end up becoming stale when left for a while

2) I am not one for all this analysing of games/tactics, etc. I love what other people do with regards to this but I can never myself spend hours and hours looking through games seeing where tactics succeed and fail. This is mainly my own fault as I don’t have the patience or overall knowledge of tactics in general to analyse things in such depth.

And 3) I like speed in my saves. With the previous 2 points I haven’t got the willpower to spend a week playing a season, I’d rather it took a day or less or in my mind I will lose patience and as always happens I get bored and end up starting again. 

I absolutely love the FM series and like some people wouldn’t know what to do without it, it’s something that takes my mind off everyday life and when I’ve had a bad day at work or hard day at home it cheers me up. That’s why I get quite down when I’m constantly starting and restarting saves and can never stick to it as I enjoy playing the game a lot. 

Now I need to put all this thought process Into what save to start and stick to.

One challenge I’ve always been intrigued by is the ‘Alphabet challenge’. Most people will have heard about it, as the title says you follow the counties in alphabetical order and try to win each league before moving onto the next. I have tried this before but with my ever decreasing free time got bored very easily.

It’s a challenge I want to start again but with a fresh and different outlook on how to play it

In the past I’ve loved using classic mode for its speed and the fact it takes away certain aspects of the game (some may hate this). 

So Woth these thoughts in mind I am going to start the alphabet challenge in classic mode, but to make it easier to progress quickly through seasons I shall set myself some stipulations!

1) load all ‘A’ leagues up at first, I don’t have to do these leagues in any order but have to complete all ‘A’ leagues before moving to ‘B’

2) some of you may stop reading now… I will use ‘instant result’ and maybe create a match plan. This will speed up playing time more and also I don’t really enjoy watching games so would rather it was down to my assistant in some aspects

3) I will oversee all transfers, training, hiring and firing of staff and player contracts. Also I will pick the team each game but leave the game play down to my assistant

Hopefully these set of ideas will make the game fresh for myself, speed it up and also if I don’t play the game for a week or so will be easier to get back into. 

Now my final idea and it’s only an idea. I have always been absolutely atrocious at creating tactics so my thought is to download maybe 10-12 tactics that seem to have success and put them into my save. Each season I will randomly pick one of these tactics and I HAVE to use this tactic all season.   This will give the tactic creators I little idea as to how their tactic works (albeit in classic mode) and makes it maybe a little bit more fun for myself. 

Then at the end of the season that tactic is gone and I’ll randomly select another for the next season. 

Anyway! Enough of my ramble. I would love some feedback as to whether people think my ideas good or bad. I’m not good at writing articles so hopefully it reads OK. If people think it’s good I may write up an article per season but even if I don’t I’ll update via Twitter (@thatfmregen)

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “A General Ramble and new save idea”

  1. Hi, I was wondering what stats you consider to be the most important when looking for an assistant manager to take control of your matches for you.
    I find myself in a similar position to you in that I have very little free time and generally need to do a lot of instant resulting yet the results never seem to be as good as when I take control myself.

    Thanks for your help


    1. I tend to look for tactical knowledge mainly, judging player ability is key and also determination and adaptability.


      1. Thanks a lot mate appreciate it! Loving the articles by the way and good luck with the pentagon challenge!
        Hope to see the return of the alphabet challenge in FM16!


      2. Thanks for your kind words mate. Its always nice to hear people are actually reading it! Sometimes I don’t know if people are or not. Alphabet will definitely return in FM16 and the Pentagon


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